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This page is a translated version of the page Reading/Web/Desktop Improvements/Features and the translation is 10% complete.
Outdated translations are marked like this.
  • * Ang bagong logo ay mas maliit sa dating bersyon. This allowed us to make the header sticky and to provide commonly-used functionality from any portion of the page (without needing to scroll up).
  • Collapsible sidebar leads to a cleaner reading and editing experience while continuing to give access to important functionality.
  • Limiting content width allows users to read more quickly and lead to better retention of the text itself. In addition, it lowers eye strain while reading.
  • The search widget has been moved to a more prominent location. It also provides type-ahead functionality and more interactive content, such as the page image of a page as well as a description of the page itself.
  • Moving language links to the article title bar makes language switching easier.
  • User menu provides all links related to a user in one intuitive place.
  • Sticky header allows users to access important functionality (logging in/out, edit, talk pages, etc.) without requiring them to scroll to the top of the page.
  • Table of contents is sticky (always available while reading).
  • Page tools (such as what links here, related changes, as well as PDF and download tools) are now moved outside of the sidebar. This change leads to a more intuitive navigation by making clear the separation of navigation related to the site itself, and navigation related to the page that is being viewed.
  • With all the changes in place, we have focused on the visual refinements. These were styling changes to the site. The goal was to pull the new look together and ensure all changes are consistent with our style guide.

Visualisation of deployed versions and early concepts