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This page presents some first ideas for new features under consideration by the Wikimedia Foundation's new multimedia team. These ideas attempt to address issues outlined in this planning page for our team.

Multimedia Project Slides

We invite comments from community members on this discussion page.

See more user feedback from this multimedia roundtable and IRC chat. Some of these ideas will also be discussed at Wikimania's upcoming multimedia roundtable on August 8th in Hong Kong.

Activities edit

Multimedia activities by user group
Map of workflows by user group

Here are the main types of multimedia activities we are looking to support -- and their user groups:

  • View (watch / listen to media files) - 500M viewers
  • Create (contribute files, info, categories ) - ~21k uploaders/mo.
  • Curate (rate, review, discuss, edit, feature ) - ~500+ patrollers/admins.
  • Publish (place files on wiki projects) - ~82k active editors/mo.
  • Engage (organize media campaigns ) - ~34 campaign organizers

Feature ideas edit

Here are new feature ideas which the multimedia team is considering for the main types of activities above:

  • Media viewer - view images in larger size
  • File notifications - keep track of new activity for your files
  • File curation - review files more effectively
  • File feedback - rate or compare files
  • Media finder - add files to articles
  • Campaign tools - organize multimedia campaigns

Here are some short descriptions for each feature, as well as slides and/or demos when available.

For more info, check out these project slides.

Media viewer edit

Media viewer mockup
Provide a richer multimedia experience to match user expectations and display images in larger size, on the same page as the thumbnail
All users, including 500M 'readers/viewers'
  • Show images in larger, media viewer panel when you click on them
  • Include a description and credit below the image, link to file page
  • Option to go to next image if it is part of a category or collection
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File notifications edit

Current notification example
  • Inform file creators when something happens to their files
  • Make contributors aware of what's happening on Commons
All Commons contributors or curators
  • File Upload Complete (for large files)
  • File Marked as Reviewed
  • File Tagged for Maintenance
  • File Marked for Deletion
  • File Rated/Featured
  • File Page was Edited
  • File was Used in Article
  • File was Overwritten
  • File was Deleted
  • Congrats on your 1st upload

File feedback edit

Feedback prototype: Which is better?
Surface useful files, rated by quality
Commons or Wikipedia users
  • A quick rating tool to tag files that seem useful
  • Can be thumbs-up/down -- or compare 2 images
  • Sorting / filtering tools for ranking lists or galleries by rating
Try these demos
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File curation edit

Page curation example
  • Curate new files to identify useful media for Wikipedia
  • Make it easier to tag files or nominate them for deletion
All Commons patrollers (and Wikipedia curators?)
  • A list where editors can preview files that need to be reviewed
  • A review tool that helps editors curate files more easily
  • Repackage existing tools in a better UI ('Nominate for deletion')
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Media finder edit

Visual Editor: 'Insert Media' tool
  • Make it easier to add multimedia on Wikipedia articles
  • Help find quality media files and place them quickly
Any Wikipedia or Commons user
  • Expand the Visual Editor's 'Insert Media' tool
  • Support extended search by category, rating or review status
  • Easier to sort or filter recommended images in VE

Campaign tools edit

Campaign tools
  • Invite more users to join campaigns (e.g. Wiki Loves Monuments)
  • Make it easy for campaign organizers to set up campaigns
  • Make it easy for users to participate in campaigns -- and stay engaged
Any user with a camera/phone -- and campaign organizers
  • Tools for organizers to set up and customize campaigns
  • To-do lists with clear assignments for contributors to follow
  • Leaderboards and recent contributions to keep participants motivated

Slideshows edit

Slideshow mockup
  • Let readers view more images on topics they are interested in
  • Give contributors the option to create slideshows
  • Give editors a compact way to display many images on articles
Any Wikipedia reader (player) -- or contributor (maker)
  • Viewers can play slide-shows on a given topic, with optional audio
  • Creators can easily assemble sequences of images and sounds
  • Editors can easily add these slideshows to any article
  • The slideshow display could be integrated in the Media Viewer tool (see above)
  • The slideshow sequence could be done manually by using the current gallery tag
Try this slideshow mockup
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