Hāng-bo̍k:Tsi-tshî toh-bīn/Piau-tê

This page is a translated version of the page Project:Support desk/Header and the translation is 35% complete.

Welcome to the MediaWiki Support desk, where you can ask MediaWiki questions!

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Teh lí huat-tiap tsìn-tsîng

Huat-pòo tsi̍t-ê sin būn-tê

  1. To help us answer your questions, please indicate which versions you are using, as found on your wiki's Special:Version page:
    • MediaWiki version
    • PHP version
    • Database type and version
  2. Please include the web address (URL) to your wiki if possible. It's often easier for us to identify the source of the problem if we can see the error directly.
  3. To start a new thread, click "發起新話題".