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名前空間 ライセンス 内容
MediaWiki のロゴ
(標準) CC BY-SA ソフトウェア についての すべての全般的な情報。 導入、開発者、履歴、アップグレード情報、コンテスト、報道、特定のスタイル/外装。
Manual: CC BY-SA All technical or more detailed stuff behind the surface, that is not part of the basic help pages (full handbook, mainly for people setting up their own wiki). Main and detailed parts of Meta's MW help, technical reference, configuration settings, hooks, ... (not including extensions).
Extensions logo
Extension: CC BY-SA All extensions and directly related stuff. Extensions and tools, that are not part of the default MediaWiki distribution.
Project icon
Project: CC BY-SA Organization of, this NS should be as small as possible. Hints for translation of the main introduction, coordination of pd help pages ...
PD Help icon
Help: パブリックドメイン Set of basic help pages for users of an existing wiki (formatting etc.) The first aim is a complete English version, that can be shipped with the MW distribution. Like Wikipedia's help: start a new page, formatting, insert a picture, use of simple tables, how to categorize, revert vandalism ...
NS:Help is thought to be a basic stand-alone help, this namespace must be coherent when it is ready, and should not contain any internal links other than to itself therefore. (still needed: タスク T6469 -> extra sitenotice!)
NS:Manual can link to wherever; the basic help could be seen as a "small" addition to the full "manual".
すべての名前空間にはトーク (日本語版ウィキペディアではノート) 名前空間が付随しています。関連する議論を行う場所です。


変数 代替構文 名前 (リンク先は全ページ一覧) 注記
{{ns:-2}} {{ns:Media}} "Media" pseudo-namespace for images and other files themselves, as opposed to the image description pages; see also below
{{ns:-1}} {{ns:Special}} "Special" 特別ページ用の擬似名前空間
- main main namespace, no prefix, or optionally a colon (this is needed when using the page as template)
{{ns:1}} {{ns:Talk}} Talk  
{{ns:2}} {{ns:User}} User logged-in users (list: Special:Listusers) have a personal page User:username (linked to by the system from lists of edits, page histories, and from signatures).
{{ns:3}} {{ns:User_talk}} User talk  
{{ns:4}} {{ns:Project}} Project the project namespace for matters about the project itself
{{ns:5}} {{ns:Project_talk}} Project talk  
{{ns:6}} {{ns:Image}} File images and other uploaded files, with image description pages
{{ns:7}} {{ns:Image_talk}} File talk  
{{ns:8}} {{ns:MediaWiki}} MediaWiki 管理者が編集できる、システム メッセージ
{{ns:9}} {{ns:MediaWiki_talk}} MediaWiki talk  
{{ns:10}} {{ns:Template}} Template the default namespace for templates: the wikitext code {{name }} refers to and includes the page Template:name
{{ns:11}} {{ns:Template_talk}} Template talk  
{{ns:12}} {{ns:Help}} Help A general User's Guide, set of basic help pages.
This NS is in the public domain on
{{ns:13}} {{ns:Help_talk}} Help talk  
{{ns:14}} {{ns:Category}} Category each page represents a category of pages, with each category page displaying a list of pages in that category and optional additional text.
{{ns:15}} {{ns:Category_talk}} Category talk  
{{ns:90}} {{ns:Thread}} Thread Extension:LiquidThreads
{{ns:91}} {{ns:Thread_talk}} Thread talk  
{{ns:92}} {{ns:Summary}} Summary Extension:LiquidThreads
{{ns:93}} {{ns:Summary_talk}} Summary talk  
{{ns:100}} {{ns:Manual}} Manual マニュアル ページ、技術リファレンス ハンドブック
{{ns:101}} {{ns:Manual_talk}} Manual talk  
{{ns:102}} {{ns:Extension}} Extension Manual:拡張機能
{{ns:103}} {{ns:Extension_talk}} Extension talk  
{{ns:104}} {{ns:API}} API MediaWiki の API について説明するページ
{{ns:105}} {{ns:API_talk}} API talk  
{{ns:106}} {{ns:Skin}} Skin  
{{ns:107}} {{ns:Skin_talk}} Skin talk  
{{ns:486}} {{ns:Data}} Data Extension:JsonConfig
{{ns:487}} {{ns:Data_talk}} Data talk  
{{ns:828}} {{ns:Module}} Module Extension:Scribunto
{{ns:829}} {{ns:Module_talk}} Module talk  
{{ns:1198}} {{ns:Translations}} Translations Extension:Translate
{{ns:1199}} {{ns:Translations_talk}} Translations talk  
{{ns:2600}} {{ns:Topic}} Topic Extension:Flow - allows users to watch individual Flow topic discussions