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Manual "logo"
Manual "logo"

This page is for the discussion and co-ordination of the MediaWiki Manual.

The manual is located in the Manual: namespace (starting at 手册:索引 ) and is released under the GNU Free Documentation License. Note that manual content must be kept completely separate from the PD Help pages located in the Help: namespace, as they are released under a different, incompatible license (see 计划:版权 for details).


For general information about what should go in which namespace, see Project:命名空间 .

  • What content should be in the Manual: namespace?
    • 关于建立新维基的信息
    • 有关移动/升级/导出/导入的信息
    • 手册:维护脚本 的文档
    • 有关钩子/API/数据库布局等的信息。
  • What should not be in the Manual: namespace?
    • Basic help on using and editing. This belongs in the Help: namespace
    • Extensions and tools, that are not part of the default MediaWiki distribution. (Extension: namespace)


Some discussion has been held regarding the layout of the Manual: namespace, but no formal decision has been made. The main debate is whether Manual pages should be organized in a flat hierarchy, with all pages at the root level, or with subtopics as subpages of the main topics. Here is where prior discussion has taken place:

Editorial guidelines






  • 使用进行截图(注意:目前不工作)
  • 屏幕截图应仅显示网站的相关部分(无浏览器环境)。



Project:语言方针 有一些关于国际化的讨论。