Parser 2011/Real-time collaboration

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  • Could greatly enhance community bonds by allowing mentors and newbies to edit together
  • Get to consensus faster when editing an article
  • More of a social space
  • Especially good for focused groups like WikiProjects that depend on small numbers interacting intensely
  • Most groups who need to collaborate fast already use Google Docs or Etherpad or some such; (the WMF does a lot already) which makes translation to public wiki form tedious. This could bring them back to public wikis
  • Remove all Edit Conflicts


  • Wikitext is not just formatted text, has embedded templates, parser functions, etc. etc.
  • MediaWiki's model is one user : one edit.
    • Could resolve this by creation sessions owned by a user, having others join, then adding other usernames to commit comment
  • If combined with visual editing, can make the software stack even more complex.

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Believed to be interesting enough to explore, not officially on the agenda.

Mark Holmquist posted to the wikitech-l list announcing a test instance of MediaWiki with an experimental extension enabling this feature: [1]

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