Page import

The following tools can be used to create or update a wiki's pages based on content in an outside system (which can include outside MediaWiki instances).

Core MediaWiki edit

Any wikitext content, including version history, can be exported from one MediaWiki-based wiki, and imported into another, using the pages Special:Export and Special:Import, or the scripts dumpBackup.php and importDump.php. See Manual:Importing XML dumps for more information.

Images and other files can be imported into a wiki using the script importImages.php.

Extensions edit

  • ContentTransfer - Allows to transfer pages, files and templates from one wiki to another. Can be automated via CLI script. Plays well with MergeArticles
  • Data Transfer - allows for creating or updating wiki pages from content in either a CSV or an XML file. Data Transfer can also be used to create files in the needed XML format, for export to other wikis.
  • Page Exchange - "packages" of wiki pages and images can be defined via online JSON files, which can then be "installed", updated and removed on any wiki that uses Page Exchange.
  • PageSync - wiki page contents can get automatically saved to files on the local server; these files can then be copied to a different server and used to generate wiki pages there.
  • Push - allows for "pushing" wiki pages to other wikis, for which login credentials are stored. Pages can either be pushed one by one, via a "Push" tab, or in bulk, via a special page.
  • PushAll - a rewritten version of Push that includes more options.
  • SplitPrivateWiki - supports having a private and public wiki that function as a pair together, which can include syncing all edits in the public wiki to the private wiki.
  • Sync - pages on other wikis can get automatically "synced" when the pages on one wiki get created or modified. This extension can also be used with the TranslateWiki extension to create or update translated pages on other wikis.

Additionally, the extension CloneDiff provides a way to view the current differences between a wiki and any other wiki meant to be in sync with that wiki.

Bots and scripts edit

Bots and scripts to do custom text and file imports can be written using any number of MediaWiki bot frameworks, of which Pywikibot is the most popular. See Manual:Creating a bot for a complete list.

Additionally, the following scripts exist specifically for importing content:

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