MediaWiki extensions manual
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Release status: stable
Implementation Page action , Special page , Ajax, API , User interface
Description Allows to push all content from pages, subpages and namespaces to other wikis
Author(s) Karima Rafes (Karima Rafestalk)
Latest version 1.0.0 (2020-06-14)
MediaWiki 1.33+
PHP 7.3+
License GNU General Public License 3.0 or later

  • $egPushAllTargets
  • $egPushAllLoginUsers
  • $egPushAllLoginPasswords
  • $egPushAllTargetsNamespace

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The PushAll extension is a fork of the Push extension. This extension push all content (images, modules, templates), subpages and associated namespaces to other wikis. This extension is maintained at the same time as the LinkedWiki extension.

Use caseEdit

This extension is very useful when the wiki is private.

When you have finished working in private (ie, in a private wiki), you may want to push your pages (with their modules, templates, files and data pages) in another (public) wiki. This installation inserts a discrete tab "push" on your pages.



You can add push targets (wikis you can push content to) by adding elements to the $egPushAllTargets array. The array keys should be the names of your wikis and the values should point to the wiki root, without tailing slash.

You can find your wiki root by clicking the history tab on a page, finding the '/index.php' in it, and taking everything that's left of that.

You need to create the logins and passwords via the Special: BotPasswords of targets.

wfLoadExtension( 'PushAll' );

$egPushAllTargets["wikiTarget"] = "http://en.wikipedia.org/w";
$egPushAllLoginUsers["wikiTarget"] = "LOGIN_OF_BOT"; 
$egPushAllLoginPasswords["wikiTarget"] = "PASSWORD_OF_BOT";
$egPushAllTargetsNamespace['wikiTarget'][] = "Data";

Details: Install of PushAll extension