This page is a translated version of the page Media type and the translation is 61% complete.

媒体类型是MediaWiki特有的一种判断文件属于哪种媒介而非哪种格式的机制。 这种信息与MIME类型信息一同存放于image 表格。 目前该功能使用不多,但是未来这个功能可以用来决定以何种方式向用户呈现文件。

  • UNKNOWN – 未知格式
  • BITMAPsome bitmap image or image source (psd, etc.) - cannot scale up.
  • DRAWINGsome vector drawing (SVG, WMF, PS, etc.) or image source (oo-draw, etc) - can scale up.
  • AUDIO – 示例音频文件 (ogg, mp3, wav, midi, etc.)
  • VIDEO – 示例视频文件 (ogg, mpg, etc.) - except formats that may contain executable sections or scripts.
  • MULTIMEDIAScriptable Multimedia (flash, advanced video container formats, etc.)
  • OFFICEOffice Documents (office formats, possibly containing scripts, etc.)
  • TEXT – 纯文本 (txt, etc.) - possibly containing program code or scripts
  • EXECUTABLEbinary executable (exe, com, etc.)
  • ARCHIVE – 存档文件 (zip, tar, etc.)