Media type

The media type is specific to MediaWiki, and determines what kind of media is contained in the file, as opposed to what format the file is in. This information is stored in the image table, along with the mime type. It is currently not used for much, but could be used in the future to determine how to present a file to the user.

The following types are defined
  • UNKNOWN – unknown format
  • BITMAP – some bitmap image or image source (psd, etc.) - cannot scale up.
  • DRAWING – some vector drawing (SVG, WMF, PS, etc.) or image source (oo-draw, etc) - can scale up.
  • AUDIO – simple audio file (ogg, mp3, wav, midi, etc.)
  • VIDEO – simple video file (ogg, mpg, etc.) - except formats that may contain executable sections or scripts.
  • MULTIMEDIA – Scriptable Multimedia (flash, advanced video container formats, etc.)
  • OFFICE – Office Documents (office formats, possibly containing scripts, etc.)
  • TEXT – Plain text (txt, etc.) - possibly containing program code or scripts
  • EXECUTABLE – binary executable (exe, com, etc.)
  • ARCHIVE – archive file (zip, tar, etc.)

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