MediaWiki 1.27/wmf.7

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The latest version (labeled "1.27.0-wmf.7") of MediaWiki, the software that powers Wikipedia and its sister sites, is being deployed to all Wikimedia sites in stages, starting on Tuesday, 17 November 2015 (see the roadmap).

Core changes edit

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Extensions edit

BounceHandler edit

Cards edit

  • Newly deployed extension

CentralAuth edit

CentralNotice edit

CirrusSearch edit

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ContentTranslation edit

Disambiguator edit

  • git #43e06fa3 - Empty PHP entry point, replace with shim that loads extension.json

DonationInterface edit

Echo edit

EventLogging edit

ExtensionDistributor edit

Flow edit

Gadgets edit

  • git #dfb8034a - Add note about excluding default gadgets in Special:GadgetUsage

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MobileFrontend edit

MwEmbedSupport edit

NavigationTiming edit

OATHAuth edit

OAuth edit

PageImages edit

PagedTiffHandler edit

QuickSurveys edit

Scribunto edit

SemanticForms edit

  • git #325b23da - Added JS validation to disallow pipes, unless in template calls
  • git #c9d898cc - Random numbers now get another digit if too many failed attempts
  • git #1713764d - Fix for de74f1f - changed removal method for null Cargo values

TemplateData edit

Thanks edit

  • git #db55e251 - Fix link to Flow posts
  • git #a4fb2aab - Use new EventPresentationModel::getViewingUserForGender() helper
  • git #9a5a6dd4 - Set explicit output format for message in ThanksPresentationModel

TimedMediaHandler edit

UploadWizard edit

UserMerge edit

VisualEditor edit

WikiEditor edit

  • git #d7a6475f - extension.json: Remove call to non-existent wikieditor-toolbar-tool-file-pre i18n
  • git #31d8192c - extension.json: Remove calls to non-existent wikieditor-toolbar-help-content-heading1-* (task T118541)
  • git #ad1c8d71 - extension.json: Remove calls to non-existent wikieditor-toolbar-characters-* (task T118541)

Wikidata edit

WikimediaEvents edit

WikimediaMaintenance edit

WikimediaMessages edit

  • git #f64651d6 - Update ExtensionDistributor messages for 1.26 release

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