MediaWiki 1.27/wmf.6

MediaWiki 1.27.0-wmf.5 Deployment of MediaWiki 1.27.0-wmf.6 to Wikimedia sites MediaWiki 1.27.0-wmf.7

The latest version (labeled "1.27.0-wmf.6") of MediaWiki, the software that powers Wikipedia and its sister sites, is being deployed to all Wikimedia sites in stages, starting on Tuesday, 10 November 2015 (see the roadmap).

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  • git #edfe1b8d - Small cleanup to JavaScript code for dependent fields
  • git #5b079bb6 - Stop duplicating header of empty section as contents of ultimate section (task T72202)
  • git #2780d3b8 - Renamed SFUtils::addJavascriptAndCSS() to addFormRLModules()
  • git #5c90c476 - Removed some usage of globals like $wgOut, $wgRequest
  • git #d054053d - Removed/replaced some unnecessary calls to SFUtils::addJavascriptAndCSS()
  • git #940eb472 - Fix if template uses neither SMW nor Cargo
  • git #b392cd61 - Typo and formatting fixes
  • git #49615a59 - Use str_replace instead of preg_replace with fixed strings
  • git #27437df7 - SF_UploadWindow: Fixed hook parameter
  • git #553bb10b - Renamed ext.dynatree.js to SF_dynatree.js - better filename
  • git #76c82b86 - Fixed "tree" input to work in multiple-instance templates

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