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TriangleArrow-Left.svgMediaWiki 1.22/wmf5 Installatioun vu MediaWiki 1.22wmf6 op Wikimedia Siten MediaWiki 1.22/wmf7TriangleArrow-Right.svg

Déi neist Versioun (markéiert mat "1.22wmf6") vu MediaWiki, der Software op där Wikipedia an d'Schwësterprojete lafen, gëtt op alle Wikimedia Siten an Etappen installéiert, et geet Donneschdes de 6. Juni 2013 lass (kuckt de Planning).

Core changes




  • ** Newly deployed extension



  • ** Newly deployed extension


  • git #fd5ad877 - Add support for ′ and ″ to the globeCoordinate parser (bug 49386)
  • git #5ceadd43 - Fix precision detection in globe coordinate parser (bug 49415)
  • git #1315581d - Fix for globeCoordinate's toDegree()
  • git #3ed26e02 - trim incoming string values
  • git #177614c0 - Stopgap to avoid excessively long string values (backport)
  • git #85621634 - [coordinate.js] Removed GlobeCoordinate's "isValid" function
  • git #7d7c376e - Implemented time.js parser constructor
  • git #8ffabd29 - Removed globeCoordinate's unused increase/decreasePrecision methods
  • git #8731e2e9 - Removed time.Time's isValid() function
  • git #61f9224e - Revert "Revert "Revert "Temporary break the phpunit bootstrap file to see if travis reacts correctly to this"""
  • git #121b2e3b - Revert "Revert "Temporary break the phpunit bootstrap file to see if travis reacts correctly to this""
  • git #8dd95484 - Revert "Temporary break the phpunit bootstrap file to see if travis reacts correctly to this"
  • git #ec9ff527 - Temporary break the phpunit bootstrap file to see if travis reacts correctly to this
  • git #413b00eb - Added build failure notifications for #wikimedia-wikidata IRC and my email account
  • git #7a401211 - [coordinate.js] Optimized precision handling
  • git #ed7de360 - Made DataValue::getType static, added tests for both static/instance usage
  • git #3f776a5e - Revert "Moves wgValueFormatters global definition in MW specific initialization file"
  • git #0f0391b2 - Updated GeoCoordinate's serialize/unserialize methods
  • git #16bdb931 - Changed globe coordinate type label to "Geographic coordinate"
  • git #2a75dd32 - Renamed "geo coordinate" to "globe coordinate"
  • git #c76b1784 - Coordinate values of backend and frontend can now exchange precision
  • git #96a73945 - Properly implemented JS GlobeCoordinateValue::toJSON and newFromJSON
  • git #0d7060da - Added some TODOs and cleanup to globeCoordinate.parser
  • git #03207c87 - Moves wgValueFormatters global definition in MW specific initialization file
  • git #97a56383 - Properly set globeCoordinate.GlobeCoordinate.prototype.constructor
  • git #d87705ba - Minor improvements to DataTypeFactory
  • git #73948ddc - [coordinate.js] Renamed coordinate to globeCoordinate
  • git #afa89211 - [coordinate.js] Implemented list rotator to set precision
  • git #492f92eb - [coordinate.js] Refactored precision handling
  • git #2f673d7f - [coordinate.js] Correctly assigning coordinate variable
  • git #c1be6d75 - [coordinate.js] Implemented coordinate expert widgets
  • git #acf12ca2 - [coordinate.js] Implemented "coordinateinput" widget
  • git #e7a87c31 - Removed unnecessary usage of QUnit.newMwEnvironment in QUnit tests
  • git #8e5fa258 - proper usage of global "time" in timeexperts.TimeInput.tests.js
  • git #5547ee86 - [coordinate.js] Implemented coordinate value parser
  • git #bfa71dc9 - [coordinate.js] Implemented coordinate data value
  • git #e1246315 - [coordinate.js] Implemented equals() function in Coordinate prototype
  • git #1497cebf - [coordinate.js] Implemented iso6709 function in Coordinate prototype
  • git #ac6899fe - [coordinate.js] Implemented isValid() function in Coordinate prototype
  • git #306ff81a - [coordinate.js] Basic Coordinate object QUnit tests
  • git #8e63951f - [coordinate.js] Basic parser QUnit tests
  • git #efb46bfd - [coordinate.js] Added QUnit tests for basic coordinate.js methods
  • git #0583488b - [coordinate.js] Refactored precision texts handling and added tests
  • git #dbe458e3 - [coordinate.js] Added documentation
  • git #8c88b0c0 - [coordinate.js] Formatted files according to coding style guidelines
  • git #af5825c3 - [coordinate.js] Import of coordinate.js
  • git #09159eb2 - Refactored valueview preview into its own widget
  • git #0f3493b0 - Minor cleanup of time.js
  • git #4a6acb39 - Fixed paths in test suite config
  • git #2928a6a9 - Added README in the repo root
  • git #2ff131d7 - Updated travis config file to run the tests of all components in this git repo
  • git #7b019600 - Added phpunit.xml file for all projects in the repo
  • git #b4119731 - Added missing dependency of TimeInput expert
  • git #1a386809 - Added Travis CI config file
  • git #f28261c2 - Basic toggler widget tests
  • git #300ff9a3 - Input extender: Listening to "animationstep" event
  • git #5aba75cd - Always resize StringValue expert input element
  • git #81062f83 - List rotator widget: Assigning position absolute to menu
  • git #73a14f2b - Input extender widget: Removed obsolete stopPropagation()





  • git #ba1ee98c - Tweaks to comment-block suggested by S
  • git #2c3eb46c - 'encapsulate' => 'prepare'; computed properties
  • git #50f2331c - Default schema location to Meta, matching revids in extensions.
  • git #ba7306bc - Move PageContentSaveComplete out; intended to be in CoreEvents
  • git #f8e9ea1f - Move AddNewAccount out. It is intended for Extension:Campaigns.
  • git #e2e622e6 - More informative warning for invalid enum value






  • git #c08777ae - Remove duplicate cores quota display
  • git #28b30818 - Add Display Quotas action to Special:NovaProject
  • git #26e97656 - Fix a bug with trimming 'local-' from the requested service group name.


  • git #43ff521a - Better solution to page curation / page patrolling conflict
  • git #d68265d3 - Undoing temporary revert of new PageTriage code for deployment
  • git #60ea1dd3 - Temporary revert of PageTriage for wmf deployment





  • git #0eba4ae7 - ApiTemplateData: Expose root description property


  • git #987c3940 - 'class' is a reserved word for Explorer, enclosing in quotes
  • git #615ec96a - Quote 'class' in JS object literals
  • git #68b19182 - Everyone hates Christmas so we're getting rid of it!









  • git #7bf3c9d6 - Allow debug params X-CS and X-SUBDOMAIN in URL
  • git #4f650dac - Further decouple banners from MobileFrontend. Dependent on change 67546.
  • git #43c53486 - API python framework
  • git #e985c77e - Fixed two bugs in zero config editor
  • git #055414c8 - Smaller banner close box - some whitespace around box tappable.
  • git #fd810dad - Added "enableHttps" flag support to zero configuration
  • git #b2020ca7 - Show default and fallback values in zero config page
  • git #08a02eea - Added default text of the zero config page


  • git #ff17395c - Parsing and using currency-related data in cldr that we hadn't previously touched.