MediaWiki 1.22/wmf6

MediaWiki 1.22/wmf5 Deployment of MediaWiki 1.22wmf6 to Wikimedia sites MediaWiki 1.22/wmf7

The latest version (labeled "1.22wmf6") of MediaWiki, the software that powers Wikipedia and its sister sites, is being deployed to all Wikimedia sites in stages, starting on Thursday, 6 June 2013 (see the roadmap).

Core changes edit

Extensions edit

ArticleFeedbackv5 edit

Campaigns edit

  • ** Newly deployed extension

CentralAuth edit

CoreEvents edit

  • ** Newly deployed extension

DataValues edit

  • git #fd5ad877 - Add support for ′ and ″ to the globeCoordinate parser (bug 49386)
  • git #5ceadd43 - Fix precision detection in globe coordinate parser (bug 49415)
  • git #1315581d - Fix for globeCoordinate's toDegree()
  • git #3ed26e02 - trim incoming string values
  • git #177614c0 - Stopgap to avoid excessively long string values (backport)
  • git #85621634 - [coordinate.js] Removed GlobeCoordinate's "isValid" function
  • git #7d7c376e - Implemented time.js parser constructor
  • git #8ffabd29 - Removed globeCoordinate's unused increase/decreasePrecision methods
  • git #8731e2e9 - Removed time.Time's isValid() function
  • git #61f9224e - Revert "Revert "Revert "Temporary break the phpunit bootstrap file to see if travis reacts correctly to this"""
  • git #121b2e3b - Revert "Revert "Temporary break the phpunit bootstrap file to see if travis reacts correctly to this""
  • git #8dd95484 - Revert "Temporary break the phpunit bootstrap file to see if travis reacts correctly to this"
  • git #ec9ff527 - Temporary break the phpunit bootstrap file to see if travis reacts correctly to this
  • git #413b00eb - Added build failure notifications for #wikimedia-wikidata IRC and my email account
  • git #7a401211 - [coordinate.js] Optimized precision handling
  • git #ed7de360 - Made DataValue::getType static, added tests for both static/instance usage
  • git #3f776a5e - Revert "Moves wgValueFormatters global definition in MW specific initialization file"
  • git #0f0391b2 - Updated GeoCoordinate's serialize/unserialize methods
  • git #16bdb931 - Changed globe coordinate type label to "Geographic coordinate"
  • git #2a75dd32 - Renamed "geo coordinate" to "globe coordinate"
  • git #c76b1784 - Coordinate values of backend and frontend can now exchange precision
  • git #96a73945 - Properly implemented JS GlobeCoordinateValue::toJSON and newFromJSON
  • git #0d7060da - Added some TODOs and cleanup to globeCoordinate.parser
  • git #03207c87 - Moves wgValueFormatters global definition in MW specific initialization file
  • git #97a56383 - Properly set globeCoordinate.GlobeCoordinate.prototype.constructor
  • git #d87705ba - Minor improvements to DataTypeFactory
  • git #73948ddc - [coordinate.js] Renamed coordinate to globeCoordinate
  • git #afa89211 - [coordinate.js] Implemented list rotator to set precision
  • git #492f92eb - [coordinate.js] Refactored precision handling
  • git #2f673d7f - [coordinate.js] Correctly assigning coordinate variable
  • git #c1be6d75 - [coordinate.js] Implemented coordinate expert widgets
  • git #acf12ca2 - [coordinate.js] Implemented "coordinateinput" widget
  • git #e7a87c31 - Removed unnecessary usage of QUnit.newMwEnvironment in QUnit tests
  • git #8e5fa258 - proper usage of global "time" in timeexperts.TimeInput.tests.js
  • git #5547ee86 - [coordinate.js] Implemented coordinate value parser
  • git #bfa71dc9 - [coordinate.js] Implemented coordinate data value
  • git #e1246315 - [coordinate.js] Implemented equals() function in Coordinate prototype
  • git #1497cebf - [coordinate.js] Implemented iso6709 function in Coordinate prototype
  • git #ac6899fe - [coordinate.js] Implemented isValid() function in Coordinate prototype
  • git #306ff81a - [coordinate.js] Basic Coordinate object QUnit tests
  • git #8e63951f - [coordinate.js] Basic parser QUnit tests
  • git #efb46bfd - [coordinate.js] Added QUnit tests for basic coordinate.js methods
  • git #0583488b - [coordinate.js] Refactored precision texts handling and added tests
  • git #dbe458e3 - [coordinate.js] Added documentation
  • git #8c88b0c0 - [coordinate.js] Formatted files according to coding style guidelines
  • git #af5825c3 - [coordinate.js] Import of coordinate.js
  • git #09159eb2 - Refactored valueview preview into its own widget
  • git #0f3493b0 - Minor cleanup of time.js
  • git #4a6acb39 - Fixed paths in test suite config
  • git #2928a6a9 - Added README in the repo root
  • git #2ff131d7 - Updated travis config file to run the tests of all components in this git repo
  • git #7b019600 - Added phpunit.xml file for all projects in the repo
  • git #b4119731 - Added missing dependency of TimeInput expert
  • git #1a386809 - Added Travis CI config file
  • git #f28261c2 - Basic toggler widget tests
  • git #300ff9a3 - Input extender: Listening to "animationstep" event
  • git #5aba75cd - Always resize StringValue expert input element
  • git #81062f83 - List rotator widget: Assigning position absolute to menu
  • git #73a14f2b - Input extender widget: Removed obsolete stopPropagation()

Diff edit

DonationInterface edit

Echo edit

EventLogging edit

  • git #ba1ee98c - Tweaks to comment-block suggested by S
  • git #2c3eb46c - 'encapsulate' => 'prepare'; computed properties
  • git #50f2331c - Default schema location to Meta, matching revids in extensions.
  • git #ba7306bc - Move PageContentSaveComplete out; intended to be in CoreEvents
  • git #f8e9ea1f - Move AddNewAccount out. It is intended for Extension:Campaigns.
  • git #e2e622e6 - More informative warning for invalid enum value

FlaggedRevs edit

GuidedTour edit

Math edit

MobileFrontend edit

OpenStackManager edit

  • git #c08777ae - Remove duplicate cores quota display
  • git #28b30818 - Add Display Quotas action to Special:NovaProject
  • git #26e97656 - Fix a bug with trimming 'local-' from the requested service group name.

PageTriage edit

  • git #43ff521a - Better solution to page curation / page patrolling conflict
  • git #d68265d3 - Undoing temporary revert of new PageTriage code for deployment
  • git #60ea1dd3 - Temporary revert of PageTriage for wmf deployment

RelatedSites edit

Score edit

SecurePoll edit

TemplateData edit

  • git #0eba4ae7 - ApiTemplateData: Expose root description property

Thanks edit

  • git #987c3940 - 'class' is a reserved word for Explorer, enclosing in quotes
  • git #615ec96a - Quote 'class' in JS object literals
  • git #68b19182 - Everyone hates Christmas so we're getting rid of it!

TimedMediaHandler edit

Translate edit

UniversalLanguageSelector edit

UploadWizard edit

Vector edit

VisualEditor edit

Wikibase edit

ZeroRatedMobileAccess edit

  • git #7bf3c9d6 - Allow debug params X-CS and X-SUBDOMAIN in URL
  • git #4f650dac - Further decouple banners from MobileFrontend. Dependent on change 67546.
  • git #43c53486 - API python framework
  • git #e985c77e - Fixed two bugs in zero config editor
  • git #055414c8 - Smaller banner close box - some whitespace around box tappable.
  • git #fd810dad - Added "enableHttps" flag support to zero configuration
  • git #b2020ca7 - Show default and fallback values in zero config page
  • git #08a02eea - Added default text of the zero config page

cldr edit

  • git #ff17395c - Parsing and using currency-related data in cldr that we hadn't previously touched.