MediaWiki 1.20

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MediaWiki 1.20 は MediaWiki の廃止されたリリースです。 このページは利用者の皆さんが関心をお持ちの主な変更点の要約です。 すべての変更点の一覧は、リリース ノート ファイルを参照してください。 2012年4月より、番号が増える"wmf"ブランチを通じて、ウィキメディア財団のウィキ群に展開されました。 Final version was released on November 7th 2012, see ダウンロード .


MediaWiki 1.20 includes all changes released in the smaller bi-weekly "1.20wmfX" updates for Wikimedia sites. An overview of their changes is available only for 1.20wmf1.


A rainbow of colours as viewed by a person with no colour vision deficiencies.
MediaWiki 1.20 no longer has diff views looking as meaningless as this rainbow to color-blind users.

New diff view, greatly improved in clarity especially when viewing at small changes to pages (including whitespace changes) and colour-blind users. This fixes at last a major deficiency in MediaWiki's accessibility, already noted by Sunir Shah in 2001.[1]

With the latest version, spotting changes is much easier. It's speeded up workflow considerably: the kdenlive manual has many pages where small updates have been made, it would have taken me ages with the old diffs.Anne Wilson



  • New languages supported: Emilian (egl), Tornedalen Finnish (fit), Mizo (lus), Santali (sat), Turoyo (tru)
  • New Cyrillic-Latin language converter for Uzbek (uz)

Heads-up for MediaWiki administrators

  • Minimum PHP version is now 5.3.2.


No new extensions bundles have been done for this release; add your suggestions for extensions to be integrated, they'll be considered for the next release.

However, the MediaWiki Language Extension Bundle is now available for easy installation and upgrade of language and translation-related extensions.


The following extensions make use of one or more hooks added in MediaWiki 1.20.0 and may therefore require MediaWiki 1.20 for some or all of their functionalities: