Manual on MediaWiki Tools
Release status: experimental
Implementation Bot
Description Configurable bot framework
Author(s) Cobi, Tisane
Latest version 1.0.0
MediaWiki 1.16+
License GPL
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Not to be confused with Manual:IRC RC Bot

Wikibot is a PHP-based MediaWiki bot framework. It is based upon w:User:ClueBot/Source, but is designed to be more configurable and flexible. Make sure that the appropriate subpage of the bot's userpage, e.g. User:MyBot/Run, exists, or some bots may not work.



The bot can be configured using the file wikibot.config.php. For instance, if you want to configure a bot username of TestBot, a bot password of password, and to have it edit, you might put the following configuration settings in wikibot.config.php:

$wikibotSetting['user']['TestBot']['Testwiki'] = 'TestBot'; # Username
$wikibotSetting['pass']['TestBot']['Testwiki'] = 'password'; # Password
$wikibotSetting['apiurl']['*']['Testwiki'] = '';
$wikibotSetting['queryurl']['*']['Testwiki'] = '';
$wikibotSetting['indexurl']['*']['Testwiki'] = '';
  • The first bracket contains the name of the configuration setting.
  • The second bracket contains the name of the bot or the wildcard "*" to apply the setting to all bots.
  • The third bracket contains the wiki name or the wildcard "*" to apply the setting to all wikis.

If there is any conflict between a wildcarded setting and a more specific setting, the more specific setting will prevail. For example, suppose you have the following:

$wikibotSetting['user']['*']['*'] = 'AwesomeBot';
$wikibotSetting['user']['TestBot']['Testwiki'] = 'TestBot';

In this example, the TestBot setting would override the less specific AwesomeBot setting for purposes of commands such as this:

$user = getWikibotSetting( 'user', 'TestBot', 'Testwiki' );

Sample bot


Here is a sample bot that uses this framework to edit the page "Sandbox" on

# This bot logs in to and edits the sandbox to say "Hello world!"

error_reporting( E_ALL | E_STRICT );
include 'wikibot.classes.php'; /* The wikipedia classes. */

$bot = 'TestBot';
$wiki = 'Testwiki';

$wpapi	= new wikipediaapi ( '', '', '', $bot, $wiki, true );
$wpq	= new wikipediaquery ( '', '', '', $bot, $wiki, true );
$wpi	= new wikipediaindex ( '', '', '', $bot, $wiki, true );
$user = getWikibotSetting( 'user', $bot, $wiki );
$pass = getWikibotSetting( 'pass', $bot, $wiki );
if ( $wpapi->login( $user, $pass ) != 'true' ) {
    echo "Login failure";
sleep( 1 );

var_dump( $wpapi->edit( 'Sandbox', 'Hello world!', 'This is a test', false, false, null, null, false ) );

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