Protection is used to restrict the making of changes to a page (edit or move), the creation of a page, or the upload of a file.

MediaWiki handles existing and not-existing pages differently, because not-existing pages don't have a page ID. That's why protection information is stored in two different tables, and listing of such pages are separate.

Database edit

Information about protected pages or titles is stored in the page_restrictions table (for editing restrictions on existing pages), or the protected_titles table (for page creation protection).

Special pages edit

A list of protected pages can be found at Special:ProtectedPages. A list of protected titles can be found at Special:ProtectedTitles.

API edit

A page can be protected with the protect API.

A list of protected pages can be retrieved with the allpages API, using the apprtype parameter. A list of protected non-existing titles (pages which have been protected to prevent their creation) can be retrieved with the protectedtitles API.

Protection levels of a title can be retrieved with the info API, using inprop=protection.

Maintenance scripts edit

The protect.php maintenance script can be used to protect and unprotect pages from the command line.

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