Manual:Anpassa sidor

This page is a translated version of the page Manual:Page customizations and the translation is 54% complete.

These are pages not existing in vanilla MediaWiki which interface definition files (in any language) expect to exist. If you want to avoid broken links in your wiki's interface you need to either create these pages or change the messages, see Fixing pages below for more details.

Here are the messages in a default MediaWiki that reference pages (not all of them used on, hence some are red links in this table).

Gränssnittsmeddelande Standardvärde Länkas från
MediaWiki:aboutpage Project:About Fot
MediaWiki:copyrightpage Project:Copyrights Redigeringsvy
MediaWiki:disambiguationspage (ersattes av Extension:Disambiguator i 1.22) Template:disambig Ingenstans (om det inte är en länk)
MediaWiki:disclaimerpage Project:General disclaimer Fot
MediaWiki:edithelppage Länk till redigeringshjälp under redigeringsrutan
MediaWiki:helppage Hjälplänk i sidspalten.
MediaWiki:faqpage Project:FAQ Används bara av utseendet CologneBlue .
MediaWiki:grouppage-bot {{ns:project}}:Bots Special:ListGroupRights
MediaWiki:grouppage-bureaucrat {{ns:project}}:Bureaucrats Special:ListGroupRights
MediaWiki:grouppage-sysop {{ns:project}}:Administrators Special:ListGroupRights
MediaWiki:helplogin-url (nytt i 1.22) Special:UserLogin
MediaWiki:mainpage Main page Ingenstans (definierar huvudsidan)
MediaWiki:policy-url (nytt sen r119724) Project:Policy ??
MediaWiki:privacypage Project:Privacy policy Fot
"(namnrymd-X|åtgärdsnamn|specialsidans namn)-helppage" systemmeddelande Projekt:PD-hjälp -sidor Indicators of several special pages and some actions or namespaces.

On your local System messages special page you can search for interface strings using these page definitions.

Fixing page

To fix these broken links, you (or an administrator on your wiki) can:

Create the missing page
Just visit it on your wiki, create it and start writing. has suitable help material you can paste or import into your wiki. You can make the page a #REDIRECT to another page.
Link to a different page
Edit the interface message by visiting its page in the MediaWiki: namespace and change it to a different page title, or possibly an external URL.
Remove the link
You can edit the message to not have a link. In some cases you need to rephrase or blank out a different interface message(s) that incorporate the interface message with the URL. For example, 'helplogin-url' is the link in 'userlogin-helplink', so if you don't wish to provide this guidance, you can blank out MediaWiki:userlogin-helplink. Since removing the text in a message resets it to the default for your language, you should blank out a message by changing it to an HTML comment such as <!-- blank since this wiki does not currently provide login assistance -->