Manual:Live preview/ar

This page is a translated version of the page Manual:Live preview and the translation is 35% complete.

المعاينة المباشرة هي ميزة في ميدياويكي تُتيح عرض معاينة لمقال أو قسمٍ في نموذج تحرير دون إعادة تحميل كود HTML المتبقي من النموذج.

It has some bugs, see live preview tracking bug for an up to date list.

Live preview is on or off depending on a setting in the "editing" tab of your user preferences page, by default off.


  • less incoming traffic: wikicode and all the menus are not received from the server again
  • faster response time
  • same cursor position in the editing window.


Only preview area is updated, which means:

  • scripts are not executed if they do not use the wikipage.content hook.
  • some parts of the interface like interlanguage links, transclusion list etc might not be updated correctly.
  • navigating in the browser history – with the preview – no longer works

التفاصيل التقنية

A live preview makes use of the Parse API and the difftotext-option of the Revisions API, to submit the new version of the text in order to receive parsed preview or diff changeset in the Edit page.

Since it is dynamic on the client side, it requires JavaScript to work. Should JavaScript be deactivated, the edit will preview traditionally (with page reload), even if this feature is activated. This is an instance of progressive enhancement.

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