Help:Extension:WikiEditor/Realtime Preview

Not to be confused with Manual:Live preview.

Realtime Preview is a feature within WikiEditor that allows you to preview your changes in realtime as you are typing. It was created by the Wikimedia Foundation's Community Tech team in response to the #4 wish in the 2021 Community Wishlist Survey.

Usage edit

First make sure you have WikiEditor enabled. In your Preferences, look for the "Enable the editing toolbar" preference. Note that Realtime Preview is not compatible with the 2017 wikitext editor .

Begin an edit. Notice that in the toolbar, you will see a "Preview" button. Clicking this will activate Realtime Preview. Once activated, a preview pane is shown next to the editor. It will update anytime you stop typing. You can also hover over the preview area and click on the "Reload" button to manually reload changes, or use the ")" access key.

The editing and preview panes can be resized by dragging the middle dividing bar to the left or right. The height of both can also be adjusted by dragging the bottom resizing border.

Limitations edit

  • Absolutely positioned elements are shown relative to the preview area and not the entire page. If you need to test what your changes look like for the entire page, use the normal "Show preview" button. (phab:T310064)
  • When using both Realtime Preview and the normal preview, some user interaction requiring JavaScript might apply to only one preview area and not the other, such as the "show" and "hide" links on collapsible content. (phab:T307475)
  • If your browser window is too narrow, the feature is automatically disabled and you will have to use the normal "Show preview" button to preview your changes.

Hiding the button edit

If you do not want the "Preview" button to appear in your toolbar, you can hide it by adding the following to your common.css:

.tool[rel="realtimepreview"] {
    display: none;