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To uninstall Huggle, follow these instructions. If you want to remove all of your configuration options, blank Special:Mypage/huggle3.css or Special:Mypage/huggle.css


There should be a shortcut to "uninstall Huggle", using that will uninstall Huggle. У Windows могуць застацца рэшткі ў вашым каталёгу Program Files (падкаталёг Huggle), якія таксама можна выдаліць. Your personal configuration is in AppData/Local/Wikimedia/Huggle and can be also deleted if you want.


Just delete Huggle from your Applications folder. You may also delete your personal configuration that can be found in ~/Library/Application Support/Wikimedia/Huggle.


Debian / Ubuntu

You can safely remove Huggle using Package Manager.


When you ran the "make install", a file called install_manifest was generated in current folder. It contains the location of all files there were installed. By removing these files, you will uninstall Huggle. See FAQ for more information.