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ハグル 3 操作ツールバー

  • View will view the current page.
  • Edit will open a new window containing an edit form for the current page.
  • Tag allows tagging of a page for speedy or proposed deletion, or the prepending of some other tag(s) to the page. Also supports XfD nominations.
  • Delete, only available to administrators, deletes the page.
  • Watch will add the page to your Wikipedia watchlist. If the page is already on your watchlist, this button will be highlighted orange, and clicking it will remove the page from your watchlist.
  • Info will display information about the selected user, including the block log, warning log and number of edits.
  • Talk will display the current user's talk page.
  • Message will prompt for a message and post it to the current user's talk page.
  • Report (Ctrl+R) will prompt for an explanation and then issue a vandalism report for the current user. Note that Huggle will do this automatically when appropriate. You may also issue username reports by changing "Report to:". If you are an administrator, this button becomes Block, which will prompt for a block summary, time, and options and then block the current user.