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In MediaWiki 1.35, links can be added or overridden via the SkinAddFooterLinks hook. (See Manual:Footer/legacy for older installs.) For example, in an extension:

// Add a link to the page "Test Page" with the text "Test", allowing modification by wiki administrators
// test-desc and test-page are i18n messages with the text of the link and the name of the page, respectively
public static function onSkinAddFooterLinks( Skin $skin, string $key, array &$footerlinks  ) {
    if ( $key === 'places' ) {
        $footerlinks['test'] = $skin->footerLink( 'test-desc', 'test-page' );

Or if you are a site admin and want to do it in LocalSettings.php :

$wgHooks['SkinAddFooterLinks'][] = function ( Skin $skin, string $key, array &$footerlinks ) {
    if ( $key === 'places' ) {
        $footerlinks['test'] = $skin->footerLink( 'test-desc', 'test-page' );

External links are also supported:

// Add a link to this page (
// test-desc is an i18n message of the text
$footerlinks['test'] = Html::element( 'a',
        'href' => '',
        'rel' => 'noreferrer noopener' // not required, but recommended for security reasons
    $skin->msg( 'test-desc' )->text()

Customizing the built-in itemsEdit

You can also customize the individual built-in items by modifying certain pages or parameters:

edit MediaWiki:Lastmodifiedat. If $wgMaxCredits is enabled then edit MediaWiki:Lastmodifiedatby. You may also want to edit MediaWiki:othercontribs that shows other contributors. (6518)
  • if $wgMaxCredits is not zero it will display page editors
  • i.e. set $wgMaxCredits = 10; or any other number
edit MediaWiki:Copyright. The parameter $1 on that page is replaced with a link to the details of copyright for your wiki. In LocalSettings.php $wgRightsText for the link text and set either $wgRightsPage or $wgRightsUrl with the location of a wiki page or external URL.
this is a link only. Edit MediaWiki:Privacy for the link text and MediaWiki:Privacypage for the wiki page to which to link.
this is a link only. Edit MediaWiki:Aboutsite for the link text and MediaWiki:Aboutpage for the wiki page to which to link.
this is a link only. Edit MediaWiki:Disclaimers for the link text and MediaWiki:Disclaimerpage for the wiki page to which to link.
not currently used in the footer

To remove the privacy, about and/or disclaimer links entirely, replace the link text with a single dash ("-").


See $wgFooterIcons .

Text and ImagesEdit

As of September 2016, there does not seem to be a standard way to add an entry which consists of text and an image at the same time.

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