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checkImages.php file is a maintenance script to check images to see if they exist, are readable, etc.

Detalles técnicos

These notes based on an examination of checkImages.php from MediaWiki version 1.19.

When executed, the main loop iterates through the wiki database's image table, fetching 1000 rows at a time by default, until all rows are obtained.

Each row specifies an image name, image size, and location of the associated image data.

If the location is filename on a local path, the filename is tested with stat().

unable to open file "$IMG missing"
file is directory "$IMG is a directory"
image size non-zero and file has zero length "$IMG truncated ..."
image size and file length not equal "$IMG size mismatch"

This test does not attempt to read any data from the image files, so it will not detect unreadable blocks in the local file system.


This script does not take any arguments.


php maintenance/checkImages.php

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