Details edit

findOrphanedFiles.php is a maintenance script that finds unregistered files in the 'public' repo zone.

MediaWiki uses the "image/" directory for public images. This script finds images that exist in the public directory but are not registered in the database.

Options edit

Option Description Required
--subdir Only scan files in this subdirectory (for example: "a/a0") Optional
--verbose Mention file paths checked Optional

Usage edit

php maintenance/findOrphanedFiles.php [ --verbose| --subdir ]

Basic run edit

Basic run with verbose edit


Common error edit

Local repo uses SHA-1 file storage names; aborting.

This script does not work if your local storage uses SHA-1 hashing.

Could not get file listing.

This error occurs when the directory does not exist or the user running the script does not have permission to read the directory.

If directory does exist, check the file permissions. If you are a root user, you can run script with sudo.

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