Manual:Autoconfirmed users

Autoconfirmed users are wiki users who are members of the “Autoconfirmed users” user group. This is a special user group which is allocated automatically based on certain criteria.

The criteria are:

BOTH criteria need to be satisfied for an account to be automatically promoted to the “Autoconfirmed users” user group.

What rights autoconfirmed users have is controlled via $wgGroupPermissions . By default, autoconfirmed users may:

  • Not be affected by IP-based rate limits, i.e. not be considered “newbies” for purposes of User::isNewbie() and Manual:$wgRateLimits (autoconfirmed)
  • Edit pages protected as "Allow only autoconfirmed users" (editsemiprotected)

You may override these via $wgGroupPermissions .

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