This page is a translated version of the page Help:Extension:WikiEditor and the translation is 12% complete.

The WikiEditor extension provides a toolbar for MediaWiki's main wikitext editing box. This toolbar provides the following functionality:

  • Formatting insertion buttons for bold, italic, larger/smaller text, and super- and sub-script.
  • Heading selection button
  • Unordered and ordered lists
  • Redirect insertion
  • File gallery insertion
  • Table inserter
  • Search-and-replace dialog — make bulk changes to the page's wikitext
  • File uploading and insertion dialogs — upload files, and/or search for existing files and add the appropriate image syntax to the page
  • Signature insertion button
  • Link insertion dialog
  • nowiki insertion
  • Newline inserter — add a <br/> at the caret
  • Realtime Preview — a side-by-side preview of the page
  • Special character library
  • Wikitext syntax cheatsheets and help information

Other extensions

Other extensions often add their own functionality to the toolbar. This is documented on those extension's help pages: