This page is a translated version of the page Help:Extension:ProofreadPage and the translation is 33% complete.

The ProofreadPage extension is a system for transcribing and proofreading pages from books and other digitized works. Firstly, it presents editors with a side-by-side view of a book-page and the matching MediaWiki-page into which the text is transcribed. Secondly, it allows for the aggregation of these proofread pages into the logical sections (e.g. chapters) of the work. It also has functionality to ensure that at least three different editors have proofread each page before that page is marked as 'valid'.

ProofreadPage was originally designed for Wikisource, a Wikimedia Foundation project, to improve project quality by allowing users to transform a digitized book in any supported file format into wikitext pages, in the collaborative and transparent fashion that any default MediaWiki setup allow users to do.

In many Wikisource projects (such as the English, French, and German), almost all work is currently done using this extension.

Audience: This guide is intended to help new and existing Wikisource projects, as well as other (non-WMF) MediaWiki setups, use this extension in a productive and collaborative way.

Scope: No help will be provided in this guide on how to digitize works, upload files, search for public domain books, or format transcriptions. These are topics that are decided by individual projects and ProofreadPage doesn't have any particular requirements about them.


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