Help:Extension:ProofreadPage/Pages tag

The ‎<pages /> tag is used to transclude content from the Page namespace into other 'presentation' namespaces (usually the main namespace).

The syntax for the tag is as follows:

<pages index="Index Name.pdf" from="first page" to="last page" step="integer" include="pagelist range" exclude="pagelist range" fromsection="section name" tosection="section name" onlysection="section name" />


  • The index attribute contains the name of the Index page whose pages are to be transcluded (without the 'Index:' prefix).
  • The from and to attributes contain the page numbers (or filenames; see note below) of the starting and ending pages, as they appear in the page names of the Page namespace. These are usually integers (for PDF or DjVu indexes) but can also be full filenames (for individual-file indexes).
  • The step attribute is used to only transclude every nth page between from and to.
  • The include and exclude attributes take page ranges like those used in the Pagelist tag. The former can also be useful for only transcluding a single page.
  • The fromsection and tosection attributes (only available if the Labeled Section Transclusion extension is installed) allow for the transclusion of only part of a page (e.g. when a chapter ends on the page on which the next chapter begins). They allow the same types of values as from and to.
  • The header attribute can be used to auto-generate a header. See below for more details.

Header template


If the header attribute is provided, the {{MediaWiki:Proofreadpage header template}} will be loaded at the top of the output. This template will be passed the following parameters:

  • |value= — the value of the header attribute. Should be set to toc for tables of contents; other values can be used depending on what the header template requires.
  • |current=
  • |prev= and |next=
  • |from= and |to= — formatted page numbers that were passed as the from and to attributes.
  • As well as all of the parameters from the Index page, such as |title=, |author=, etc.

Indexes of individual images


It's possible to not use the pagelist tag to list the pages of an Index, and instead list individual File NS page names. In this case, it's still possible to use the pages tag, but only with the from, to, fromsection and tosection attributes.

For example, given an Index Index:Example work (note that it doesn't have a file extension) with a page list that like this:

[[File:Page one.png|title]]
[[File:Page two.png|2]]
[[File:Page three.png|3]]
[[File:Page four.png|4]]

The second and third pages can be transcluded with the following:

<pages index="Example work" from="Page two.png" to="Page four.png" />

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