Help:Extension:ProofreadPage/Pagelist tag

The pagelist wikitext tag is used to display a grid of all pages in a PDF or DjVu file along with their original page numbering and labelling. It is how ProofreadPage correlates scan numbers (the position of each scan in a multipage file) to page numbers (as seen on the printed pages). This correlation helps while proofreading and is also used when transcluding the pages into other wiki pages.

Pagelists can only be used on files' Index pages, and are usually set up before proofreading of a work begins.



An example of a ‎<pagelist /> tag is as follows:

<pagelist 1to3="-" 4="1" 4to12="roman" 13="1" from="1" to="20" />

This displays the first 20 scans and allocates to them the following numbers or labels:

  • the first 3 scans with a hyphen, indicating that there's no content;
  • scans 4 to 12 with lower case roman numerals running from i to ix;

The details of the syntax are explained below.



The ‎<pagelist>...‎</pagelist> tag takes any number (even zero) of attribute-value pairs.

<pagelist [[from|to|scan-number|range]="[number|label]" ]… />

The attribute names can be any of the following:

  • A scan number: an integer referring to to a scan in the file, starting from 1 for the first scan.
  • A range, of the form xtoy where x and y are the starting and ending scan numbers. Can optionally have a suffix of 'odd' or 'even'.
  • The words from or to, to only output those pages in the pagelist. They take a single scan number as a value.

The first two (number and range) are the most-used, and take the following values:

  • A single scan number is associated to a page number, which sets the starting number for that page. For example
  • A range is associated to a simple label (e.g. ToC for pages in the table of contents) or a label type (e.g. roman for roman numerals). The available label types are as follows: 'normal', 'highroman', 'roman', 'folio', 'foliohighroman', 'folioroman', 'beng', 'deva', 'tamldec', 'guru', 'gujr', 'telu', 'knda', 'mlym', 'orya', 'thai', and 'empty'.

Editing and previewing


For easier previewing of pages to determine their numbering, a graphical widget is available. See the Pagelist widget documentation details of how to configure and use this.