The Growth team works on features helping newcomers to make their first steps on wiki. The team is also responsible for the maintenance of several features.

Core Growth projects


To see updates on these initiatives and the specific projects underneath them, see the Growth team updates page or sign up for our team's newsletter.

Most of these happen via the GrowthExperiments extension. A small part of the analytics work happened within the WikimediaEvents extension.

Maintenance responsibilities


The Growth team performs maintenance to the following features. New features and improvements aren't considered for these features.

Past projects


The projects were unique improvements that are now are archived, or one-time tests that have been decommissioned.

For information about the Growth team that existed from 2013–2015, see Growth/Growth 2014.
For information about the predecessor to the Growth team, see Collaboration.

Past projects by various iterations of the team and volunteer developers: