Growth/Engage with the Growth team

Share your experience


Please post on the team’s talk page or the talk pages for our projects! We want to hear about what is working and what is not working. We also want to hear any reactions, questions, or opinions on our work.

Report a bug

  • If you think you have spotted a bug, create a ticket in Phabricator and use the tag #Growth-Team.
    • For bugs, please include steps to reproduce (see How to report a bug) with corresponding screenshot(s), gif, or video of the bug, so we can test the issue. If this bug is blocking a process at your wiki, let us know on the team’s talk page as well.
  • To suggest a new feature, or improve an existing feature, see below.

Working with Communities


Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page for quick answers.

  • We are looking for information and input from various other places and demographics. Here are some ways you can help us through some useful resources on how to interact with newcomers or how to get the tools we create on your wiki.
  • If you wish to see Growth features being deployed at your wiki, please check on our documentation.
  • If you want to suggest a feature improvement or a new feature, please contact us on our team talk page. Please explain:
    • The context in which your idea would be used (wiki, workflow, …)
    • The evidence that conducted you to think about this improvement (“at my wiki, I see X newcomers being blocked by…”, “data shows that…”, “this research project shows that…”, etc.)
    • How beneficial it would be for communities and newcomers.

Internally request work from the Growth Team

  • If you work for the Wikimedia Foundation and want to request any work from the Growth team outside of the annual planning process, please use Phabricator (see Phabricator) to do this. Create a detailed Phab task with a clear explanation of the problem and what is needed from the Growth team:
    • Tag the Growth team (#growth-team) on the Phab task
    • Include links, code, pictures, etc. if they can help us
    • Include deadlines (where applicable)
    • Add Product Manager @KStoller_WMF, Tech Lead @Sgs, and Engineering Manager @DMburugu to the ticket by tagging all three of them in the task (in a comment or in the description)
    • Please allow for at least 5 business days before following up with the team
      • If a follow-up is needed, please send Product Manager, Kirsten Stoller, a Slack message with a link to your Phab task
  • If your team is blocked on a Phab task, please ping us on Phab.
  • On Slack, you can find us at #talk-to-growth.
  • If you need Growth Team’s help with an unanticipated project that was not on Growth Team’s roadmap or with a request larger than a simple Phab task:
    • Please reach out directly to our Product Manager, Kirsten Stoller, on Slack or via email at
      • From here, our Product Manager will coordinate a meeting between the Engineering Manager and other necessary team members to clarify the request, identify stakeholders, and discuss possible timelines and impacts.
      • Please reach out at least one quarter in anticipation so that we can accommodate both teams’ roadmaps and goals