MediaWiki Group Promotion welcomes all contributors interested in promoting MediaWiki and Wikimedia software and technical activities.

Areas of collaboration:

  • Reaching out to new MediaWiki community contributors.
  • Growing MediaWiki Groups.
  • homepage and main landing pages.
  • Promoting Wikimedia apps.
  • Comms, blogs, social media.
  • Events organization and participation.
  • Materials: slides, basic tutorials, white papers...
  • Merchandising.
  • Community metrics.
  • Collaboration with other free software projects.
  • Collaboration with other wiki communities.
  • Growing the MediaWiki CMS user base.

This initial charter is wide, but there is a big overlap of people working in these areas. We can spin-off new groups for specialized areas whenever it makes sense to split.

We have got official recognition from the Affiliations Committee for a first period of one year, after which we would become a permanent group.

Activity edit

Communication edit

The official channel of communication of this group is its Discussion page.

wikitech-l is used as a fallback list for wider topics requiring community attention.

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Contributors edit

MediaWiki groups need at least 3 people to be approved.



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