Google Code-in 2018 is over. 765 Wikimedia task instances (80 of them "get onto IRC" tasks) were successfully completed thanks to 199 students and 39 mentors. Thanks everybody!

Google Code-in is a contest to introduce pre-university students (ages 13-17) to the many kinds of contributions that make free and open source software (FOSS) development possible. Students must complete tasks, one at a time. It is sponsored and run by Google. Read Google's announcement. The Wikimedia Foundation has participated since 2013.

The Google Code-in 2018 contest takes place from October 23 to December 13, 2018. Wikimedia's organization admins this year are Andre, Derick, Étienne, Florian, Isaac, and Reedy.

Google Code-in 2014 Grand Prize winners

List of Wikimedia mentors

Please be patient with mentors. Mentors are humans. They eventually leave their computers to sleep, work, study. They might be in different timezones than you. It can take your mentor(s) up to 36 hours to review the work that you have submitted. You should be patient. Do not ask for a review of your work after only a few hours of waiting. Google Code-In is about the quality of your contributions and about learning how FOSS development works. It is not about the number of tasks that you complete.

Name IRC nick IRC channel Timezone Areas of interest
Andre Klapper andre__ #wikimedia-dev connect UTC +1:00 User documentation, Phabricator
Marielle Volz mvolz #wikimedia-services connect UTC +1:00 citoid
Brian Wolff bawolff #wikimedia-dev connect #mediawiki connect UTC -4:00 Security, MediaWiki PHP
Étienne Beaulé Ebe123 #wikimedia-dev connect UTC -4:00 Extension:Score
Sage Ross ragesoss #wikimedia-ed connect UTC -7:00 Wiki Education Dashboard
Pratyush Singhal psinghal20 #wikimedia-ed connect UTC +5:30 Wiki Education Dashboard
Srishti Sethi srishakatux_ #wikimedia-devrel connect UTC -7:00 API documentation on-wiki, code samples
Fz-29 Fz-29 #wikimedia-dev connect UTC +5:30 MediaWiki Extensions
User:RexxS RexxS #wikimedia-uk connect UTC +0:00 Lua, Wikibase client, teaching
Urvashi Verma ihsavru #wikimedia-ed connect UTC +5:30 Wiki Education Dashboard
Jonas Kress Jonas (WMDE) #wikidata connect UTC +1:00 Wikidata Wikidata Query
Awangba Mangang Awangba Mangang #wikimedia-dev connect UTC +0:00 MediaWiki Extensions
Amir E. Aharoni aharoni #mediawiki-i18n connect UTC +2:00 translatewiki configuration (especially T189982), other localization and translation tasks
Legoktm legoktm #wikimedia-dev connect, #mediawiki connect UTC -7:00 MediaWiki, Pywikibot, Continuous Integration, Tools/Toolforge
Mateus Santos mateusbs17 #wikimedia-interactive connect UTC -3:00 Maps
Rosalieper r054l13 #wikimedia-dev connect, #wikimedia-dev-africa connect UTC +1:00 MediaWiki ext, CommonsTwitterBot
Tony Thomas tonythomas #wikimedia-dev connect UTC +1:00 MediaWiki extensions, Unit tests, Python
Egbe Eugene Egbe Eugene #wikimedia-dev connect, #wikimedia-dev-africa connect UTC +1:00 Mediawiki ext, FormWizard, API
Benoît Evellin Trizek #mediawiki connect UTC +1:00 User documentation
Yashdeep Thorat yashdeep97 #wikimedia-dev connect UTC +5:30 MediaWiki Extensions, Page Forms Extension
Syced Nicolas UTC +9:00 Commons Android app documentation
Zppix Zppix #wikimedia-dev connect #wikimedia-dev-africa connect #ZppixBot connect UTC -5:00 documentation, ZppixBot, L18N
Gopavasanth Gopa #wikimedia-dev connect UTC +5:30 RevisionSlider, MediaWiki Extensions
Alangi_Derick xSavitar #wikimedia-dev connect UTC +1:00 MediaWiki, Tools/Toolforge
Prateek Saxena prtksxna #wikimedia-dev connect UTC +5:30 Design, OOU, MediaWiki extensions
Isaac Hutt mhutti1 #kiwix connect UTC +0:00 Kiwix, Offline Wikipedia, Android
Jon Robson jdlrobson #wikimedia-mobile connect UTC -8:00 Mobile, MobileFrontend, JavaScript, CSS, UI standardisation
Piotr Miazga raynor #wikimedia-mobile connect#wikimedia-dev connect UTC +2:00 PHP, Mobile Web, MobileFrontend, MediaWiki Extensions, Unit testing, Code hygiene
African Hope africanhope #wikimedia-dev connect UTC +0:00 MediaWiki, Tools/Toolforge
Kelson kelson #kiwix connect UTC +1:00 Kiwix, MWoffliner
Siddharth Sharma siddharth2010 #kiwix connect UTC +5:30 Kiwix, Offline Wikipedia, Android
Konrad Djimeli djkonro #wikimedia-dev connect #wikimedia-dev-africa connect UTC +1:00 MediaWiki, Pywikibot
Martin Urbanec Urbanecm #wikimedia-dev connect UTC +1:00 Wikinity, Tools/Toolforge
Gergő Tisza tgr #mediawiki-core connect UTC -7:00 MediaWiki, Vagrant
Framawiki framawiki #wikimedia-dev connect UTC +1:00 Pywikibot, Huggle, Quarry, help with Toolforge/Gerrit/other tech stuff if needed
Niharika Kohli Niharika #wikimedia-dev connect UTC -7:00 PHP, JavaScript, MediaWiki; Help with installation issues, putting up Gerrit patches etc.
opentechno opentechno #wikimedia-dev-africa connect UTC +0:00 MediaWiki, Pywikibot, Python
Abdul Wadood abdulwd #kiwix connect UTC +5:30 Kiwix, Offline Wikipedia, Android
Reedy reedy #wikimedia-dev connect, #mediawiki-core connect, #mediawiki connect UTC +0:00 MediaWiki, PHP, AutoWikiBrowser, Wikimedia Stuff (Phabricator, Gerrit, Wikitech...)
Harjot Singh harjotsingh #wikimedia-dev connect UTC +5:30 mediawiki
Rachel Farrand rfarrand #wikimedia-dev connect UTC -7:00 Events, design, documentation
Sam Walton Samwalton9 #wikipedia-library connect UTC +0:00 Library Card platform, Citation tools, Python
Nikita Volobuiev nikitavbv #wikimedia-dev connect UTC +3:00 PHP, MediaWiki, MediaWiki Extensions, Unit Tests
Anyi Jonathan anyi_jonathan #wikimedia-dev-africa connect UTC +01:00 API Documentation, Python
Bartosz Dziewoński MatmaRex #wikimedia-dev connect #mediawiki-visualeditor connect UTC +02:00 VisualEditor, MediaWiki
Sarah R. Rodlund srrodlund #wikimedia-cloud-admin connect UTC -7:00 Technical Documentation
Michael Holloway mdholloway #wikimedia-interactive connect UTC -6:00 Maps
Dvorapa Dvorapa #pywikibot connect, #wikipedia-cs connect UTC +1:00 Pywikibot, Python
Stephane Bisson stephanebisson #wikimedia-collaboration connect UTC -4:00 MediaWiki Core/Extensions, PHP, JavaScript
David Abián abian #wikidata connect UTC +1:00 Wikidata, Wikidata Query UI

Weekly summary of tasks

Wikimedia at Google Code-in 2018

You can find details for some of these tasks in the #Google-Code-in-2018 workboard on Phabricator. (Not all of the GCI tasks are also tracked in Phabricator.)

Unofficial smalltalk / chat groups

These groups have been created by participants and are not affiliated with Wikimedia. Students, mentors and admins are free to join:

Blog posts

At the end of GCI 2018, some students summarized their experience with Wikimedia:

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