Global Collaboration/FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the Global Collaboration team.

What is Global Collaboration? edit

Global Collaboration is a team inside the Contributors team (formerly known as Editing department). It has been formed by merging the Collaboration and Language teams that existed separately as part of the Contributors team.

Why was this new team created? edit

The leadership of this team believed that by combining the two teams, we will be able to serve our communities better and become more capable of taking large projects while maintaining software already in use on our projects. You can also read the announcement on Wikitech-l.

What happens to the Language and Collaboration teams? edit

The Collaboration and Language teams will cease to exist in their current forms. The new team will have the combined expertise of both these teams, and will be supported by Product, Design, Parsing, and Community Engagement.

What will Global Collaboration work on? edit

Global Collaboration will be working on the goals that are part of the annual objectives of the Contributors team. However, for the first quarter of the current fiscal year, there is some carry over work from the projects that the Collaboration and Language teams were working on. During this transition quarter, the team will be completing this carry over work alongside other work as per the annual plan.

How will I get help for my language? edit

We would advise you to file a bug on Phabricator and tag the appropriate project for which you need help. You can also leave a message on the talk page of the appropriate wiki page of the project on The development teams associated with the project are still following incoming reports. If you are unsure about the project tags, please use the tag i18n.

If you are looking for advice on how to get a new language enabled for Wikimedia projects, please contact the Language Committee.

What will happen to the Content Translation project? edit

Content Translation is still under active maintenance and the development team is still working on it. Additionally, we are also working with the Editing team (formerly Visual Editor team) to make some long-term changes that will substantially improve Content Translation and make it easier to support.

How can I contact the Global Collaboration team? edit

You can leave a message on our team talk page on or file a Phabricator ticket with the Global-Collaboration tag.

How can I follow the work of the Global Collaboration team? edit

The Collaboration and Language teams used to write periodic reports and newsletters. We will follow that tradition inside Global Collaboration, in a form better tuned for the new team. We are working out the details at the moment, so do keep an eye out for any announcements. Meanwhile you can follow updates on the Contributors page.

I am a GSoC/Outreachy student working on a project with the Collaboration/Language team. Will my project be affected? edit

No. Please continue working with your mentor(s). If there are any changes that you need to be aware of, your mentor will let you know.