Global Collaboration

The Global Collaboration team of the Wikimedia Foundation is part of the Contributors team in the Wikimedia Audiences group. We are currently transitioning into this new team by merging the Collaboration and Language teams.

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People edit

The Global Collaboration team has members from across the world. Most team members work remotely. The others work from the Wikimedia Foundation office in San Francisco, USA.

The team has a combination of various skills for front-end and back-end development, internationalization and language support, mobile technology, QA, dev-ops, product management, and community interactions. The Global Collaboration team has embedded cross-team support from Contributors' Product team, Contributors Design, and Community Engagement.

Most team members are also long-term participants in various Open Source communities, and have a combined working knowledge of nearly 25 languages.

Annual Goals – FY2017-18 edit

Please see the annual plan for the Contributors team. We will add more details in this section in the next few weeks.

Ongoing work edit

Project Details Outcome
Content Translation Replace the contenteditable editing component of Content Translation with VisualEditor and preserve the current CX functionalities Content Translation is more stable in terms of article publishing, requiring less maintenance work from patrollers, and more ready to be enabled by default for all users.
Edit review improvements Apply the new recent changes filters technology with Machine Learning to other contexts like watchlists and history pages Roll out the recent changes filters to all users on all wikis.
Structured Discussions Make the wiki discussion system more accessible for new users, more efficient for experienced users and encourage meaningful conversations that support collaboration. Support the existing Structured discussions on wikis using it, by reviewing front-end or improving features like search.

Team processes edit

The development teams working on the ongoing projects are using their existing process workflows at the moment. We will add more details in this section as we progress through the quarter.

How to reach us edit