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Diese Seite ist über die Anforderung der Erstellung eines neuen Code-Repositoriums. Alle neue Code-Repositorien sind Git-Repositorien in Gerrit .

If you want to be a project owner (to be able to review a patch as +2 and merge it) of an existing code repository in Gerrit, see Gerrit/Privilegrichtlinien .

You may check if you are interested in Gerrit or if you may prefer GitLab (available since 2021).

Bemerke, das GitLab es erlaubt, persönliche Repositorien ohne einen formellen Anfrageprozess zu erstellen.

Schritt 1: Git-Zugang erhalten

To commit and review Git commits, we use Gerrit. You can login to Gerrit using your Wikimedia developer account.

Jeder kann ein Entwicklerkonto erstellen, um Git-Zugang zu erhalten

Schritt 2: Ein Git-Repositorium anfordern

You'll need the following:

  • Wikimedia developer account,
  • Decide on an appropiate repository name (and by implication, its parent namespace in Gerrit), e.g. mediawiki/extensions/Example).
  • Phabricator project, or see creating new project to request a new one.

Step 3: Commit your files

Once you have some files, you can commit them and continue your work utilizing Git.

Schritt 4: Veröffentlichung einer Erweiterungsseite

To autocategorize and standardize the documentation of your existing extension, please see Vorlage:Erweiterung . To add your new extension to this Wiki:

Vorlagen, die verwendet werden können

Step 5: Continue development and enjoy!

You could also try to find a couple of established MediaWiki developers to look over your code and point out any flaws in it, for example by asking on the wikitech-l mailing list.

Getting notified of changes in your repository

Other people may submit patches to your repository which you should review.

You can have new changes in your repository emailed to you by Gerrit. Siehe Gerrit/watched projects If you want to be automatically added as a reviewer to each new patchset (or a subset by regex), add yourself to the Gerrit reviewer bot.

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