Gerrit/watched projects

You can receive notifications for certain projects in Gerrit:

  1. Log in to Gerrit
  2. In the upper right corner, go to Settings
  3. Select "Notifications" in the side bar
  4. Start typing the project name (for example, mediawiki/extensions/Echo) in the Repo input field in the last row of the table
  5. Add a specific branch or a search expression (example: topic:*Phabricator*), or leave the field blank
  6. Click Add. A new row will be added to the table
  7. Select for which actions you want to receive notifications

Note: You cannot use regular expressions but have to watch each project individually. Parent projects like "mediawiki" don't serve any purpose.[1]

To view your watched changes, select "Your" in the top bar and select "Watched Changes".

See alsoEdit

  • Git/Reviewers - a page where people can register to be automatically added as reviewer to newly opened changes in Gerrit depending on specific conditions