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Watched changes

If you want to keep track of only certain projects in Gerrit, you can use the watched projects and changes features.

To select a project:

  • Click on "Browse" and select a project, then "close"
  • That project should be listed in "Project Name", click "Watch"
  • Specify an email notifications you want.


  • Start typing in "Project Name" a search query [1] [2]; click "watch" to confirm.
    • extensions start with "mediawiki/extensions/..." (e.g. "mediawiki/extensions/WikiLove")
    • MediaWiki core is "mediawiki/core"


  • The usual rules for search by project don't apply: you can't use regular expressions, every project has to be watched individually and the parent projects like "mediawiki" don't serve any purpose.[3]
  • The wildcard "project" allows you to watch all projects (however, you may not have permission to use it, it seems).

View watched changes:

  • Click on "My" at the top of the window.
  • Click on "Watched Changes"

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