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Справка по расширениям MediaWiki
Статус релиза: нестабильно
Реализация База данных , Служебная страница
Описание Forum extension
Последняя версия 2.5.1 (2019-03-22)
MediaWiki 1.39+
Изменения в БД Да
Лицензия GNU General Public License 3.0 или позднее
  • $wgWikiForumAllowAnonymous
  • $wgWikiForumLogInRC

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The WikiForum extension adds a discussion forum in the form of a new special page, Special:WikiForum. WikiForum pages for the most part are indexed by search engines (such as Google) and you can search them by using WikiForum's internal search.

If the SocialProfile extension is installed, its avatars will be displayed on forum threads. Currently WikiForum has no built-in avatar support.

Please see the WikiForum help page on ShoutWiki for more information.


  • Скачайте и распакуйте файл(ы) в папку с названием WikiForum в вашей папке extensions/.
  • Добавьте следующий код в конце вашего файла LocalSettings.php :
    wfLoadExtension( 'WikiForum' );
  • Выполните скрипт обновления, который автоматически создаст необходимые таблицы, используемые расширением.
  •   Готово – Перейдите на страницу Special:Version на своей вики, чтобы удостовериться в том, что расширение успешно установлено.


In the original WikiForum, there were plenty of configuration globals. Most of these have been removed in favor of configuration done via the MediaWiki namespace.

Параметр Значение по умолчанию Описание
$wgWikiForumAllowAnonymous true Allow anonymous users to write threads and replies?
$wgWikiForumLogsInRC true Show WikiForum logs at Special:RecentChanges?

CAPTCHAs have now been integrated into WikiForum. If Расширение:ConfirmEdit/ru is installed, CAPTCHAs will be shown to users without the skipcaptcha permission. You may need to set $wgCaptchaTriggers[ 'wikiforum' ] = true; in LocalSettings.php below where ConfirmEdit is required in order for CAPTCHAs to show. To disable CAPTCHAs, simply set that to false.

Права участников

WikiForum adds two new user rights, wikiforum-admin and wikiforum-moderator. Users with the wikiforum-admin permission can create, delete and edit categories and forums, while the wikiforum-moderator permission is required to edit and delete threads and individual replies.

By default administrators (the sysop group) have both of these rights. WikiForum also creates a new group, forumadmin, which has both of these user rights. Bureaucrats can assign users to the forumadmin group and remove them from the group.

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