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Semantic Result Formats
发行状态: 稳定版
描述 Adds further formats to render inline query results.
  • Jeroen De Dauw,
  • James Hong Kong,
  • Stephan Gambke,
  • Yaron Koren and
  • others.
维护者 SMW Project
最新版本 4.2.0 (2023-12-07)
MediaWiki 1.35+
PHP 7.3+
Composer mediawiki/semantic-result-formats
许可协议 GNU通用公眾授權條款2.0或更新版本
示例 see Semantic-MediaWiki.org


  • Semantic MediaWiki 3.0 and later
翻译Semantic Result Formats扩展

The Semantic Result Formats (SRF) extension, used in conjunction with the Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) extension, bundles a number of further result formats for SMW's inline queries. The individual formats can be added to the installation independently.

Check out the Semantic Result Formats documentation on the SMW wiki, which contains an up to date list of the formats added by SRF together with example wikitext and live demos.

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