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Sürüm durumu: kararlı
Uygulama Özel sayfa
Açıklama Belirli bir e-posta adresine sahip kullanıcılarla düzenlemeyi kısıtlamaya izin verir.
Yazar(lar) Inez Korczyński
Jack Phoenix
En son sürüm 1.5.0
MediaWiki 1.35+
Lisans GNU Genel Kamu Lisansı 2.0 veya üstü
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The PrivateDomains extension restricts wiki editing to users with a certain email address. It adds a new special page, Special:PrivateDomains, to allow changing the name of the organization and to add "trusted" email addresses. Bureaucrats and staff members can access this special page by default.

If a non-privileged user (someone who does not have the organization's email address) tries to edit, they see a warning box about the fact that they cannot change pages on the wiki. Be aware that the user can't view pages' wikitext source either.


  • Download and place the file(s) in a directory called PrivateDomains in your extensions/ folder.
  • LocalSettings.php dosyanızın altına aşağıdaki kodu ekleyin:
    wfLoadExtension( 'PrivateDomains' );
  •   Yapıldı – Uzantının başarıyla yüklendiğini doğrulamak için vikinizde Special:Version seçeneğine gidin.


While PrivateDomains settings are meant to be edited via Special:PrivateDomains, they are stored in the MediaWiki: namespace and thus they can also be directly edited.

  • MediaWiki:Privatedomains-domains — contains the list of allowed email domains
  • MediaWiki:Privatedomains-affiliatename — contains the name of the organization, i.e. FooCorp, Inc. or Bar State University
  • MediaWiki:Privatedomains-emailadmin — contains the name of a wiki user whom users can contact if they're having issues