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Release status: stabiel
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Implementatie Tag
Beschrijving Port of Fandom's PortableInfobox extension to the MediaWiki 1.37.0+
Auteur(s) Universal Omega,
Fandom (originele versie)
Laatste versie 0.6 (2022-01-08)
Compatibiliteit beleid Master onderhoudt achterwaartse compatibiliteit.
MediaWiki 1.37.0+
Database wijzigingen Nee
Licentie GNU General Public Licentie 3.0 of hoger
  • $wgAllInfoboxesSubpagesBlacklist
  • $wgPortableInfoboxCustomImageWidth
  • $wgPortableInfoboxUseHeadings
  • $wgPortableInfoboxUseTidy
Publieke wiki's die het gebruiken 1,293 (Ranked 125th)
Problemen Open problemen · Rapporteer een bug

The PortableInfobox extension allows to create portable infoboxes, which can be rendered using clean semantic HTML markup on any skin or platform using easy to understand powerful XML-like markup. It is a port of Fandom's PortableInfobox extension to the newer MediaWiki versions.


  • Download en plaats de bestanden in een map PortableInfobox in de map extensions/.
  • Voeg de volgende code onderaan aan het bestand LocalSettings.php toe:
    wfLoadExtension( 'PortableInfobox' );
  •   Klaar – Navigeer naar Special:Version op de wiki om te controleren dat de extensie geïnstalleerd is.


$wgAllInfoboxesSubpagesBlacklist (array)
List of subpages in template namespace to omit by API allinfoboxes query. (default: [ "doc", "draft", "test" ])
$wgPortableInfoboxCustomImageWidth (int)
Size of image thumbnails used in infoboxes. (default: 300)
$wgPortableInfoboxUseHeadings (bool)
Use heading tags for infobox titles and group headers, it may cause incompatibilites with other extensions. (default: true)
$wgPortableInfoboxUseTidy (bool)
Use RemexHtml for validating HTML in infoboxes. (default: true)


Ga naar Help:Infoboxes/Tags op Fandom.

<span id="‎<media />_tag">

‎<media /> element

In the 0.3 version, the ‎<media /> tag was introduced in favor of ‎<image />, which still works (see Aliases). It allows users to embed images, videos, and audio files in the infobox, in the same way as ‎<image /> tag does in the original version.


  • source - naam van de parameter
  • audio - If set to false, it ignores all audio files
  • image - If set to false, it ignores all images
  • video - If set to false, it ignores all videos

Child tags

  • ‎<default>
  • ‎<caption>


  • ‎<audio /> - variation of ‎<media /> tag that allows only audio files
  • ‎<image /> - variation of ‎<media /> tag that allows only images and videos (for backward compatibility, can be disabled with video="false")
  • ‎<video /> - variation of ‎<media /> tag that allows only videos

User-facing differences from the original version

There may be some features introduced in the original version at a later date which are absent here.

  • Europa theme was removed.
  • .pi-theme-default class is applied instead of .pi-theme-wikia to the infobox, when no theme is specified.
  • When a ‎<gallery> tag is passed to the infobox with images without captions, file name is used instead of not showing the image.
  • When embedding a video in the infobox additional class .pi-video is added to the ‎<figure> tag.
  • Videos use ‎<video> tags instead of showing video in a modal after clicking a thumbnail.
  • .pi-image class is no longer present in the ‎<figure> tag with a video, instead .pi-media class is applied to all media elements.
  • .pi-image-collection classes were changed to .pi-media-collection.
  • accent-color-* attributes allow more color formats.
  • More HTML tags are allowed in captions.
  • Mobile skin doesn't get separate styling.