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Manual ekstensi MediaWiki
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Status rilis: beta
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Implementasi Tag
Deskripsi Port of Fandom's PortableInfobox extension to the MediaWiki 1.32+
Perancang awal Luqgreg,
Fandom (versi orisinil)
Versi terbaru 0.3.1 (2018-12-29)
Kebijakan kompatibilitas Master maintains backwards compatibility.
MediaWiki 1.32+
Perubahan basis data Tidak
Lisensi Lisensi Publik Umum GNU 3.0 atau lebih baru
  • $wgAllInfoboxesSubpagesBlacklist
  • $wgPortableInfoboxCustomImageWidth
  • $wgPortableInfoboxUseHeadings
  • $wgPortableInfoboxUseTidy

Periksa matriks penggunaan dan versi.

Masalah Masalah terbuka · Laporkan kekutu

The PortableInfobox extension allows to create portable infoboxes, which can be rendered using clean semantic HTML markup on any skin or platform using easy to understand powerful XML-like markup. It is a port of Fandom's PortableInfobox extension to the newer MediaWiki versions.


  • Unduh dan letakkan berkas-berkasnya di dalam sebuah direktori yang bernama PortableInfobox di folder extensions/ Anda.
  • Tambahkan baris berikut di bawah LocalSettings.php Anda:
    wfLoadExtension( 'PortableInfobox' );
  •   Selesai – Telusuri ke Special:Version di wiki Anda untuk memastikan ekstensinya berhasil dipasang.

Parameter konfigurasi

$wgAllInfoboxesSubpagesBlacklist (array)
List of subpages in template namespace to omit by API allinfoboxes query. (default: [ "doc", "draft", "test" ])
$wgPortableInfoboxCustomImageWidth (int)
Size of image thumbnails used in infoboxes. (default: 300)
$wgPortableInfoboxUseHeadings (bool)
Use heading tags for infobox titles and group headers, it may cause incompatibilites with other extensions. (default: true)
$wgPortableInfoboxUseTidy (bool)
Use RemexHtml for validating HTML in infoboxes. (default: true)


Lihat Bantuan:KotakInfo/Penanda di Fandom.

Penanda $media

In the 0.3 version, the <media /> tag was introduced in favor of <image />, which still works (see Aliases). It allows users to embed images, videos, and audio files in the infobox, in the same way as <image /> tag does in the original version.


  • source - nama parameter
  • audio - If set to false, it ignores all audio files
  • image - If set to false, it ignores all images
  • video - If set to false, it ignores all videos

Child tags

  • <default>
  • <caption>


  • <audio /> - variasi penanda <media /> yang hanya mengijinkan audeo
  • <image /> - variation of <media /> tag that allows only images and videos (for backwards compatibility, can be disabled with video="false")
  • <video /> - variasi penanda <media /> yang hanya mengijinkan video

User-facing differences from the original version

There may be some features introduced in the original version at a later date which are absent here.

  • Europa theme was removed.
  • .pi-theme-default class is applied instead of .pi-theme-wikia to the infobox, when no theme is specified.
  • When a <gallery> tag is passed to the infobox with images without captions, file name is used instead of not showing the image.
  • When embedding a video in the infobox additional class .pi-video is added to the <figure> tag.
  • Videos use <video> tags instead of showing video in a modal after clicking a thumbnail.
  • .pi-image class is no longer present in the <figure> tag with a video, instead .pi-media class is applied to all media elements.
  • .pi-image-collection classes were changed to .pi-media-collection.
  • accent-color-* attributes allow more color formats.
  • More HTML tags are allowed in captions.
  • Mobile skin doesn't get separate styling.