Extension:Page Forms/Related extensions


There are various other MediaWiki extensions that relate to Page Forms in some way.

Extensions that Page Forms can make use of, if they are installedEdit

Providing editing interfaces within textarea fields:

Extensions that define Page Forms form inputsEdit

Extensions intended to support Page Forms' template-based approachEdit

  • Data Transfer - imports data from an external source into wiki pages with template calls.
  • NumerAlpha - displays an incrementing number (can be used for multiple-instance templates).

Obsolete extensionsEdit

The following Page Forms-related extensions are archived, obsolete, or at least appear to not be maintained.

That define PF form inputsEdit

That otherwise require Page FormsEdit

That support a template-based approachEdit

  • IncludeOnlyNS - allows certain pages to be designated as "include-only", to enable less-hacky transclusion.
  • Negref - lets ‎<ref> tags be added to wiki-text via a template parameter.
  • Page Object Model - provides an API for accessing and modifying fields within template calls.

That perform similar actions to Page FormsEdit

That are based on Page FormsEdit

  • PopUpFile - lets users add a popup file-upload window to any page.