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Semantic Query Composer
Release status: unmaintained
Implementation User interface, Special page
Description Provides a semantic query builder
Author(s) Attila Novák (Pipi69etalk)
Database changes No
License GPL
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The SemanticQueryComposer extension implement a special page to compose a Semantic MediaWiki compatible {{#ask:..}} query. It allows to build identification keys for plants, animals or any other kind of things. You should order your SMW objects and properties like the following:

  1. If You build an identification key wiki for plants, for snalls and for car types:
    1. Collect your pages in Plants, Snalls and Cartypes category
    2. Collect properties of plants in Category:Properties of plants as subcategory of Category:Plants
    3. Collect properties of snalls in Category:Properties of snalls as subcategory of Category:Snalls
    4. Collect properties of plants in Category:Properties of cartypes as subcategory of Category:Cartypes


Call {{Special:SemanticQueryComposer/Properties_of_plants}} if you want to allow a query builder interface to identifying plants by added properties and propertyvalues.

Grouping propertiesEdit

{{Special:SemanticQueryComposer/Properties_of_plants}} will create a link to a form (Special:SemanticQueryComposer) that collects Your properties as HTML select elements with all added property values as options. You can group these elements as wiki sections if You create subcategories in Your Category:Properties of plants category. E.g.:

  • Properties of flower
  • Properties of leaf
  • etc.


To install this extension, add the following line to Your LocalSettings.php :

require_once( "$IP/extensions/SemanticQueryComposer/SpecialSemanticQueryComposer.php" );

Configuration parametersEdit

If You want to hide the error and warning messages use

$wgSQCDisplayErrorMessages = false;

in Your LocalSettings.php.


You should use the following extensions:

Similar solutionEdit

You can use Special:RunQuery provided by Semantic Forms.

Bugs, issues, questions and requestsEdit