MediaWiki extensions manual
Release status: stable
Implementation Page action , Special page
Description Allows purging of pages for multiple services in a defined order.
Author(s) Octfxtalk
Latest version 1.1.1 (2023-01-29)
MediaWiki 1.39+
PHP >=8.0
Composer octfx/multipurge
License GNU General Public License 2.0 or later
  • $wgMultiPurgeCloudFlareZoneId
  • $wgMultiPurgeServiceOrder
  • $wgMultiPurgeVarnishServers
  • $wgMultiPurgeEnabledServices
  • $wgMultiPurgeCloudFlareApiToken
  • $wgMultiPurgeStaticPurges
  • $wgMultiPurgeRunInQueue

The MultiPurge extension allows the purging of pages from multiple caches in a defined order. It was developed to allow the use-case of first purging data from a varnish cache, and then from CloudFlare.

Special Page


MultiPurge adds a special page for sysops which allows purging of load.php urls.

The page can be found at Special:PurgeResources.

Only users with editinterface permissions can access this page.

The page works by requesting the actual html output of a given title, and parsing all load.php calls.

All found links can then be selected to be purged.

Configuration Options

Variable Default Value Description
$wgMultiPurgeCloudFlareZoneId null String - Zone ID the Wiki Domain is contained in
$wgMultiPurgeCloudFlareApiToken null String - API Token found in your dashboard
$wgMultiPurgeVarnishServers null String/Array - Array of URLs pointing to your Varnish Servers. Can be IPs
$wgMultiPurgeEnabledServices null Array - List of enabled services. Possible values are 'Cloudflare', 'Varnish'
$wgMultiPurgeServiceOrder null Array - List of service purge order. Possible values are 'Cloudflare', 'Varnish'. Example: ['Varnish', 'Cloudflare'] purges varnish, then cloudflare