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Podręcznik rozszerzeń MediaWiki
Status wydania: stabilne
Opis Allows wiki administrators to change many aspects of their configuration.
Autor(zy) Southparkfan, John Lewis, MacFan4000, Reception123, Universal Omega
Opiekun(owie) Miraheze system administrators
Ostatnia wersja continuous updates
MediaWiki 1.36.0+
PHP 7.2+
Zmiany w bazie danych Tak
Composer miraheze/manage-wiki
Tabele mw_namespaces
Licencja GNU General Public License 3.0
  • $wgManageWikiPermissionsDisallowedGroups
  • $wgManageWikiPermissionsAdditionalAddGroupsSelf
  • $wgManageWikiNamespacesDisallowedNames
  • $wgManageWikiExtensions
  • $wgManageWikiPermissionsAdditionalRights
  • $wgManageWikiExtensionsDefault
  • $wgManageWikiHelpUrl
  • $wgManageWiki
  • $wgManageWikiNamespacesAdditional
  • $wgManageWikiForceSidebarLinks
  • $wgManageWikiPermissionsAdditionalRemoveGroups
  • $wgManageWikiPermissionsPermanentGroups
  • $wgManageWikiPermissionsDefaultPrivateGroup
  • $wgManageWikiPermissionsDisallowedRights
  • $wgManageWikiPermissionsAdditionalRemoveGroupsSelf
  • $wgManageWikiSettings
  • $wgManageWikiPermissionsAdditionalAddGroups

  • managewiki-core
  • managewiki-editdefault
  • managewiki-extensions
  • managewiki-namespaces
  • managewiki-permissions
  • managewiki-restricted
  • managewiki-settings
  • remotewiki
Translate the ManageWiki extension

The ManageWiki extension provides several additional special pages for wiki management:

  • Special:ManageWiki/core
  • Special:ManageWiki/extensions
  • Special:ManageWiki/settings
  • Special:ManageWiki/namespaces
  • Special:ManageWiki/permissions

For detailed information please see this detailed page.

Uwaga Uwaga: ManageWiki was designed and created specifically for the Miraheze wiki farm, and as such, may not always work on different sites or configurations. While efforts have been made to make it more usable by non-Miraheze wiki sites, this extension is still a primarily Miraheze-focused extension and aligns to Miraheze's configuration and style.

Issues and bug reporting

For reporting an issue or a bug, please use Miraheze Phabricator. See here for the workboard.


  • First, download and install the separate extension CreateWiki .
  • Download i umieść plik(i) w katalogu o nazwie ManageWiki w swoim katalogu extensions/.
  • Dodaj poniższy kod na dole twojego pliku LocalSettings.php :
    wfLoadExtension( 'ManageWiki' );
  • Uruchom skrypt aktualizujący, który automatycznie stworzy potrzebne tabele dla tego rozszerzenia.
  •   Zrobione – Przejdź do Special:Version na twojej wiki, aby sprawdzić czy rozszerzenie zostało pomyślnie zainstalowane.


The ManageWiki page is used to manage several aspects of a wiki's settings. As mentioned above, users with the appropriate permissions can manage settings on their wiki, enable/disable extensions and also change permissions (wgGroupPermissions) directly from their wiki.

All settings changes are listed at Special:Log/managewiki. Anyone who has the managewiki-core right can change wiki settings and use Special:ManageWiki/core but you only need the "read" right to view configuration. As indicated in the table below, each of the other rights corresponds to a respective special page.

Right Special page
managewiki-core Special:ManageWiki/core
managewiki-extensions Special:ManageWiki/extensions
managewiki-namespaces Special:ManageWiki/namespaces
managewiki-permissions Special:ManageWiki/permissions
managewiki-settings Special:ManageWiki/settings


parameter default comment
$wgManageWiki [ 'cdb' => false, 'core' => false, 'extensions' => false, 'namespaces' => false, 'permissions' => false, 'settings' => false, ]; Which modules of ManageWiki should be enabled on the wiki.
$wgManageWikiCDBDirectory false This will enable CDB capabilities in ManageWiki.
$wgManageWikiExtensions false An array of extensions enabled within the wiki farm.
$wgManageWikiExtensionsDefault false An array of default extensions.
$wgManageWikiSettings false An array of settings that can be managed through Special:ManageWiki/settings
$wgManageWikiPermissionsAdditionalAddGroups false ManageWiki's version of $wgAddGroups.
$wgManageWikiPermissionsAdditionalRemoveGroups false ManageWiki's version of $wgRemoveGroups.
$wgManageWikiPermissionsAdditionalRights false ManageWiki's version of $wgGroupPermissions.
$wgManageWikiPermissionsDisallowedGroups false An array of usergroups which ManageWiki can't manage. Will prevent users creating same named groups as well.
$wgManageWikiPermissionsDisallowedRights [ 'managewiki-restricted', ]; An array of user rights that ManageWiki can not manage and assign on wiki.
$wgManageWikiPermissionsDefaultPrivateGroup false Name of a group to add to private wikis. False disables this function.
$wgManageWikiHelpUrl false URL of a help page for ManageWiki on the local wiki farm.
$wgManageWikiSidebarLinks false Whether to show quick links to ManageWiki pages in the sidebar.

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