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MediaWiki 拡張機能マニュアル
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リリースの状態: 安定
実装 特別ページ
説明 Allows easy management of global user rights through Special:GlobalUserrights
作者 Mainframe98, Nathaniel Herman (Pinkyトーク)
最新バージョン 1.5.0 (2017-10-02)
MediaWiki 1.15+
データベースの変更 はい
テーブル global_user_groups
ライセンス GNU 一般公衆利用許諾書 2.0 以降
Quarterly downloads 10 (Ranked 158th)
Public wikis using 1,270 (Ranked 170th)
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The GlobalUserrights extension enables global user groups and allows easy management of them via Special:GlobalUserrights. Global group changes are logged to Special:Log/gblrights (same place CentralAuth would log them). This extension is used in conjunction with $wgSharedDB .


  • ダウンロードして、ファイルをextensions/フォルダー内のGlobalUserrightsという名前のディレクトリ内に配置します。
  • 以下のコードを LocalSettings.php の末尾に追加します:
    wfLoadExtension( 'GlobalUserrights' );
  • 更新スクリプトを実行します。このスクリプトは、この拡張機能が必要とするデータベーステーブルを自動的に作成します。
  • Make sure global_user_groups is a shared table by adding it to $wgSharedTables in LocalSettings.php - e.g.
    $wgSharedTables[] = 'global_user_groups';
  • Be sure to give the userrights-global right to users who need access to Special:GlobalUserRights; by default the staff group has this user right. If you would want to allow administrators to access the special page, you could add the following to the configuration file: $wgGroupPermissions['sysop']['userrights-global'] = true;
  •   完了 – ウィキの「Special:Version」に移動して、拡張機能が正しくインストールされたことを確認します。

MediaWiki 1.24以前を稼働させている利用者へ:

上記の手順では、wfLoadExtension()を使用してこの拡張機能をインストールする新しい方法を記載しています。 この拡張機能をこれらの過去のバージョン (MediaWiki 1.24以前) にインストールする必要がある場合は、wfLoadExtension( 'GlobalUserrights' );の代わりに以下を使用する必要があります:

require_once "$IP/extensions/GlobalUserrights/GlobalUserrights.php";


  1. Go to Special:GlobalUserrights
  2. Enter in the user name of the user whose global rights you want to change.
  3. Use the interface to add or remove global groups to/from the user and save.


The following new system messages are defined by this extension:

メッセージ 既定値 説明
globaluserrights Global User Rights Management Special page title displayed on Special:SpecialPages and on Special:GlobalUserrights
gur-desc Easy global user rights administration Extension description shown on Special:Version
gur-rightslog-name Global rights log Log title for Special:Log/gblrights, the log where global user rights changes are stored. This will also be displayed on the dropdown menu on Special:Log.
gur-rightslog-header This is a log of changes to global rights. Displayed on Special:Log/gblrights, explaining the purpose of that log.
gur-rightslog-entry changed global group membership for $1 from $2 to $3 Log entry generated by this extension when a user's global groups are changed. $1 is the user whose groups were changed, $2 is the array of old groups and $3 is the array of new groups.
logentry-gblrights-rights $1 changed global group membership for $3 from $4 to $5 New style log entry generated by this extension when a user's global groups are changed. $1 is the user who changed the right, $2 is the user's gender, $3 is the user whose groups were changed, $4 is the array of old groups, $5 is the array of new groups and $6 is the gender of the user whose groups where changed.
right-userrights-global Manage global user rights Description of the user right, will be shown on Special:ListGroupRights