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MediaWiki >= 1.42.0
데이터베이스 변경
테이블 echo_email_batch
라이선스 MIT 허가서
  • $wgEchoNotificationCategories
  • $wgEchoMaxMentionsCount
  • $wgEchoPerUserWhitelistFormat
  • $wgEchoPushMaxSubscriptionsPerUser
  • $wgEchoMentionOnChanges
  • $wgEchoPollForUpdates
  • $wgEchoUseJobQueue
  • $wgEchoBundleEmailInterval
  • $wgEchoMentionsOnMultipleSectionEdits
  • $wgDefaultNotifyTypeAvailability
  • $wgEchoSecondaryIcons
  • $wgEchoCacheVersion
  • $wgEchoMaxUpdateCount
  • $wgEchoNotifiers
  • $wgEchoAgentBlacklist
  • $wgEchoSharedTrackingCluster
  • $wgEchoEnablePush
  • $wgEchoPerUserBlacklist
  • $wgEchoEnableEmailBatch
  • $wgEchoWatchlistNotifications
  • $wgNotifyTypeAvailabilityByCategory
  • $wgEchoMaxMentionsInEditSummary
  • $wgEchoNotifications
  • $wgEchoCluster
  • $wgEchoPushServiceBaseUrl
  • $wgEchoWatchlistEmailOncePerPage
  • $wgAllowArticleReminderNotification
  • $wgEchoNotificationIcons
  • $wgEchoSharedTrackingDB
  • $wgEchoOnWikiBlacklist
  • $wgEchoSeenTimeCacheType
  • $wgEchoMentionStatusNotifications
  • $wgEchoCrossWikiNotifications
  • $wgEchoEmailFooterAddress
  • manage-all-push-subscriptions
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Echo 확장 기능 번역 (translatewiki.net에서 가능한 경우)
이슈 미해결 작업 · 버그 보고

Echo 확장 기능은 위키 내부에 다른 확장 기능에서 사용 가능한 알림 시스템 제공합니다. 확장기능:감사 DiscussionTools 는 Echo를 사용하는 두 개의 MediaWiki 확장입니다.


  • 데이터베이스 사용자는 데이터베이스에 대한 "REFERENCES" 권한을 부여받아야 합니다.
  • 파일을 다운로드하고 Echo 폴더를 extensions/ 디렉토리에 넣어 주세요.
    개발자와 코딩 기여자는 Git을 이용해 확장기능을 다운받는 것이 좋습니다.cd extensions/
    git clone https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/mediawiki/extensions/Echo
  • 아래의 코드를 LocalSettings.php 코드의 마지막에 추가합니다.
    wfLoadExtension( 'Echo' );
  • 갱신 스크립트를 실행합니다. 이 스크립트는 이 확장기능을 필요로 하는 데이터 베이스 테이블을 자동적으로 작성합니다.
  • 사용자의 필요에 따라 간편하게 설정할 수 있음
  •   완료 – 위키의 ‘Special:Version’에 이동해서, 확장기능이 올바르게 설치된 것을 확인합니다.

To allow daily or weekly summary notifications to be delivered by mail (for users that choose that in preferences), the following script inside the Echo extension directory needs to be run on a daily basis, which can be scheduled in a cron job:



It is possible to use conditional user options to set different notification preferences for new users, without affecting existing users.

로컬 세부 정보는 Special:DisplayNotificationsConfiguration를 참조하십시오.


구성 설정(extension.json에 정의된 기본값)
Parameter 기본값 비고
$wgEchoEnableEmailBatch true 이메일 일괄 기능 켜기 여부
$wgEchoUseJobQueue false
  • true - 작업 대기열을 통해 웹 및 이메일 알림 전달을 연기합니다.
  • false - 즉시 알림 전달
$wgEchoEmailFooterAddress '' 조직 주소(또는 이메일 알림의 바닥글에 표시하려는 텍스트). LocalSettings.php 에 정의되어 있어야 합니다.
$wgNotificationSender $wgPasswordSender 이메일 알림의 "보낸사람" 및 "답장" 모두에 대한 이메일 주소입니다. LocalSettings.php 에 정의되어 있어야 합니다.
$wgNotificationSenderName "emailsender" message (MediaWiki) 이메일 알림의 "보낸사람"에 대한 이름입니다. LocalSettings.php 에 정의되어 있어야 합니다.
$wgNotificationReplyName No Reply 이메일 알림에 대한 "답장"의 이름입니다. LocalSettings.php 에 정의되어 있어야 합니다.
$wgEchoCluster false false로 설정된 경우 기본 db를 사용하고 특정 외부 db를 사용하려면 $wgExternalServers 에 정의된 키를 사용하십시오.
$wgEchoSharedTrackingDB false Cross-wiki 읽지 않은 알림을 추적하는 데 사용할 공유 데이터베이스. 전혀 추적하지 않으려면 false
$wgEchoSharedTrackingCluster false 공유 추적 데이터베이스가 있는 클러스터 기본 항목에 있으면 false입니다. $wgExternalServers 에 정의된 키여야 합니다.
$wgEchoMaxUpdateCount 2000 사용자가 라이브 업데이트를 수행할 수 있도록 허용된 최대 알림 수는 사용자에게 허용된 최대 알림 수이기도 합니다.
$wgEchoMaxMentionsCount 50 사용자가 한 번에 보낼 수 있는 최대 멘션 알림 수
$wgEchoMentionStatusNotifications false 멘션 성공/실패 알림 활성화
$wgEchoMentionsOnMultipleSectionEdits true 다중 섹션 편집에 대한 멘션 트리거
$wgEchoMentionOnChanges true Trigger mentions for edits to existing comments, as long as a signature is added in the same section
$wgEchoMaxMentionsInEditSummary 0 Maximum number of users that will be notified that they were linked from an edit summary or 0 for no notifications
$wgEchoBundleEmailInterval 0 The time interval between each bundle email in seconds; set a small number for test wikis. This should be set to 0 to disable email bundling if there is no delay queue support
$wgEchoNewMsgAlert true Whether or not to enable a new talk page message alert for logged in users.
$wgEchoShowFooterNotice false Whether or not to show the footer feedback notice in the notifications popup
$wgEchoFooterNoticeURL '' A URL for the survey that appears in the footer feedback notice in the notification popup
	// Otherwise, a user->user email could trigger an additional redundant notification email.
	'emailuser' => [
		'web' => true,
		'email' => false,
	'mention-failure' => [
		'web' => true,
		'email' => false,
	'mention-success' => [
		'web' => true,
		'email' => false,
Define which notify types are available for each notification category. If any notify types are omitted, it defaults to $wgDefaultNotifyTypeAvailability.
	'web' => [ 'EchoNotifier', 'notifyWithNotification' ],
	'email' => [ 'EchoNotifier', 'notifyWithEmail' ],
Definitions of the different types of notification delivery that are possible. Each definition consists of a class name and a function name. See also EchoNotificationController class.
$wgEchoAgentBlacklist [] List of usernames which will not trigger notifications
$wgEchoOnWikiBlacklist Echo-blacklist Page location of community maintained blacklist within NS_MEDIAWIKI containing one username per line which will not trigger notifications. Set to null to disable.
$wgEchoPerUserWhitelistFormat %s/Echo-whitelist An sprintf format of the location of the per-user notification agent whitelist within the NS_USER namespace. %s will be replaced with the users name. The whitelists must contain one username per line which will always trigger notifications regardless of their existence in the blacklists. Set to null to disable.
$wgEchoCrossWikiNotifications false Whether to enable the cross-wiki notifications feature. To enable this feature you need to:
  • have CentralAuth for a global user system (T243412)
  • have $wgMainStash and $wgMainWANCache shared between wikis
  • configure $wgEchoSharedTrackingDB
$wgEchoUseCrossWikiBetaFeature false Feature flag for the cross-wiki notifications beta feature

If this is true, the cross-wiki notifications preference will appear in the BetaFeatures section. If this is false, it'll appear in the Notifications section instead.

This does not control whether cross-wiki notifications are enabled by default. For that, use $wgDefaultUserOptions['echo-cross-wiki-notifications'] = true;

$wgEchoNotificationCategories See extension.json Define the categories that notifications can belong to. Categories can be assigned the following parameters. All parameters are optional:
  • priority - controls the order in which notifications are displayed in preferences and batch emails. Priority ranges from 1 to 10. If the priority is not specified, it defaults to 10, which is the lowest.
  • no-dismiss - disables the dismissability of notifications in the category. It can either be set to an array of output formats (see $wgEchoNotifiers) or an array containing 'all'.
  • usergroups - specifies an array of usergroups eligible to receive the notifications in the category. If no usergroups parameter is specified, all groups are eligible.

If a notifications type doesn't have a category parameter, it is automatically assigned to the other category which is lowest priority and has no preferences or dismissibility.

$wgEchoNotificationIcons See extension.json Defines icons, which are 30x30 images. This is passed to BeforeCreateEchoEvent so extensions can define their own icons with the same structure. It is recommended that extensions prefix their icon key. An example is myextension-name. This will help avoid namespace conflicts.

You can use either a path or a url, but not both. The value of 'path' is relative to $wgExtensionAssetsPath.

The value of 'url' should be a URL.

You should customize the site icon URL, which is: $wgEchoNotificationIcons['site']['url']

$wgEchoNotifications See extension.json Define the event types for echo. Event definitions are in the form of 'event-name' => [ ... ].
  • category - defines the category the event belongs to. Defaults to 'other'.
  • group - defaults to 'neutral'.
  • bundle - define which output formats are available for bundling.
  • presentation-model - define which class is used to render notification messages and links for notification panels, special page and emails. It must extend EchoEventPresentationModel.
$wgEchoConfig See extension.json Configuration for EventLogging. Individual schemas can be disabled.
$wgEchoPerUserBlacklist null Boolean that enabled Per User Blacklist.

User preferences

Preference settings (defaults defined in extension.json)
Preference Default Comment
$wgDefaultUserOptions['echo-show-alert'] true Default user preference for showing the special talk page alert bar
$wgDefaultUserOptions['echo-email-frequency'] 0 How often to send emails, by default:
  • 0 - send emails for each notification as they come in (default)
  • -1 - do not send emails
  • 1 - each day
  • 7 - each 7 days
  • ...
$wgDefaultUserOptions['echo-dismiss-feedback-alert'] 0 Ensures the feedback alert is visible by default. Do not change; to disable, use $wgEchoShowFooterNotice.
$wgDefaultUserOptions['echo-email-format'] Depends on $wgAllowHTMLEmail Default user preference for whether to use HTML or text email. Either html or plain-text.
$wgDefaultUserOptions["echo-subscriptions-email-{$category}"] false for most categories; depends Default user preference for whether to notify via email for a particular category
$wgDefaultUserOptions["echo-subscriptions-web-{$category}"] true for most categories; depends Default user preference for whether to notify via web for a particular category



Notification negative list / positive list

There are occasionally specific users, typically bots, which perform maintenance tasks that should not generate notifications. To handle these cases, users can be globally blacklisted from the LocalSettings.php file (or InitialiseSettings.php in the case of WMF wikis):

$wgEchoAgentBlacklist = [ 'SampleBot', 'SampleUser' ];

There is also an on-wiki blacklist that can be maintained by the wiki's community. The location of the global on-wiki blacklist defaults to MediaWiki:Echo-blacklist. Individual users can override the blacklist by creating a whitelist. The whitelist location defaults to Special:MyPage/Echo-whitelist. All on-wiki lists expect to receive one case-specific username per line with no special markup or prefixes. For example:

"Mention" option

One of the notification types that this extension allows is: "Notify me when someone links to my user page." It might not be obvious to some users, but this particular notification only works when the person linking to another user's page also signs (~~~~) the post.

After installation of the extension, a new tab "Notifications" is created in a user's Special:Preferences page. Under the section "Notify me about these events", in front of the "Mention" option, the hoverbox states: "Notify me when someone links to my user page." If an administrator feels, that the requirement for signing the post isn't obvious in this help text, it can be modified by changing the text in the Wiki's MediaWiki:Echo-pref-tooltip-mention page.


  • notification - Any individual notice that is delivered by Echo
  • message - A notification about activity in a Flow discussion
  • alert - Any notification other than a message

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