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Реализация Потребителски интерфейс
Описание Помага на потребителите да създават нови страници.
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MediaWiki 1.30+
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  • $wgUseCustomLandingPageStyles
  • $wgArticleCreationLandingPage
  • createpagemainns
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ArticleCreationWorkflow helps users create new pages, intercepting article creation for new users and giving them wiki-configurable options such as using the Article wizard or creating a draft as a user subpage.

In order for users to be intercepted, they must have the createpage right, must not have the createinmainns right, the page they are trying to create must be in the main namespace (and not yet exist) and the page pointed to by $wgArticleCreationLandingPage must exist.


  • Download and place the file(s) in a directory called ArticleCreationWorkflow in your extensions/ folder.
  • На дъното на вашия $LocalSettings добавете следния код:
    wfLoadExtension( 'ArticleCreationWorkflow' );
  •   Готово – Отидете на Special:Version в уикито си, за да проверите дали разширението е успешно инсталирано.

Vagrant installation:

  • Ако използвате Vagrant , инсталирайте разширението с vagrant roles enable articlecreationworkflow --provision

Configuration settings

  • $wgArticleCreationLandingPage (string): the name of the wiki page to which users should be redirected if intercepted.
  • $wgUseCustomLandingPageStyles (bool): Whether to load custom CSS for the landing page.

User right

The extension adds a new user right called createpagemainns which permits users to create new pages in the main namespace. This right is given by default to all users. Users without this right are prohibited from creating main namespace pages, and when they attempt to (by clicking on a red link, for example) they're redirected to the Article Creation Workflow landing page.